The Checkup - Fall 2016

THE CHECKUP Fall 2016 With a family history of obesity and diabetes, Jenn stays active by playing high school basketball. Lately, she’s been missing practice to hang out with her friends and started to experiment with drugs. Her grades are slipping and her ability to pursue a post-secondary education is in jeopardy. It’s an all too familiar scenario as obesity rates and substance abuse in school-aged children surpass that of all the generations before them. By incorporating healthy lifestyle education in Wood Buffalo’s learning environments, we can reverse the higher than average provincial rate of health risks such as obesity, diabetes, inactivity and smoking. The goal of our Healthy Schools Project is to improve the overall health and wellness of the school population in Wood Buffalo. Healthy Schools will work in partnership with Public Health to support students in developing and maintaining healthy habits that will last a lifetime. We will target all ages and focus on disease prevention, physical activity, healthy eating, mental health promotion and substance use prevention. The best place to deliver programs to children, young adults and their families is within the educational setting. For our students to have the best possible health outcomes, education for their families, support systems, community partners, and education staff is necessary. This collaborative approach will be implemented in all schools in Wood Buffalo and is supported by Northlands School Division, the Fort McMurray Public School District and the Fort McMurray Catholic School District. “There is a proven need to strengthen collaboration between health and education for the health of our students which directly impacts learning environments.” With your support, we can change health behaviours at an early age, and create a better future and outlook for Wood Buffalo’s next generation. - Jordanna Lambert, Director, Population and Public Health (North Zone) Donate. Volunteer. Get Involved.