The Charbonneau Villager Newspaper 2020_Jan issue Villager newspaper - Page 24

24 THE CHARBONNEAU VILLAGER Charbonneau Book Club By DOROTHY HOCHHALTER New year means new books Happy New Year to all. We start the new year by reading two books that go Solo Sisters By CANDY FERGUSON New beginnings in 2020 For most of us, starting over can be a daunting en- deavor. I left San Diego in January 2020 back in time. Ste- phen King treats us to a mem- orable HOCHHALTER trip with time trav- eler, Jake Epping on his mis- sion to stop the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Jake dis- covers that any change he makes leads to unwanted re- sults. King is a great story tell- er and in his novel “11/22/63” he mixes fact and fiction. The novel is over 800 pages long but there is so much happen- ing and King’s mastery at keeping you on the edge of your seat makes it worth- while. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip back to the 1950s and ‘60s. Feel free to join us at our discussion on Jan. 14. Our next book is also a mixture of fact and fiction. Homer Hickman tells a touching story about his family and their pet alligator in his novel “Carrying Al- bert Home.” The trip from West Virginia to Florida is filled with distractions along the way that may or may not be true. Imagine a touring car with an alligator in a wash tub in the back seat with a rooster on the drivers shoulder. This was an enter- taining and funny read that takes place in the 1920s and ‘30s. My book even has pic- tures of his family. We wel- come you to our meeting Jan. 28 when I am sure we will have an animated dis- cussion. We meet at the Charbonneau Country Club on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month from 1-2:30 p.m. Hope to see you there. Questions? dotsmy- the summer of 2016 and moved to Wilsonville hav- ing retired and wanting to downsize. I knew just four people here, my daughter and her family. Now, three- and-a-half years later, I have many wonderful new friends and am involved in a number of activities rang- ing from Boys & Girls Aid to the Tualatin Food Pantry to Tualatin Presbyterian Church to Solo Sisters and on and on. My friendships with other single women, began with Charbonneau Singles, which has evolved into Solo Sisters. I met Cricket who loves to laugh and play bridge; Karen, a golfer (I’m not) who loves the theater like I do; Lissa, a fellow traveler and foodie who introduces our mem- bers to Portland restau- rants on her wonderful “Lunch Safaris”; and my dear friend Deanna, with whom I share the responsi- bility of running Solo Sis- ters with and who is always quick to laugh and have fun. We are a warm, caring, fun community of women, mostly widows (I am a di- vorcee) and we are always looking for new members. So this year, make a New Year’s resolution to check out Solo Sisters and see if it is a fit for you. Please contact our membership chairman, Dean- na Morgan, by sending her an email at deannamorgan@ We look forward to welcoming you with open arms! ? pr Want to ent v e r u o y mote o ! p l e h n a c We once t n e v e ur Post yo ted on s i l t i e and se sites. t n e v e r rs in 40 othe l custome f po tentia forms. ousands o event plat n • Target th o d n a s gine ail with search en port by em king. e r t n e v e rac ailed and click t • Get a det s ic t ly a n a al site referr 00+ gainst 3,5 a d e p p a t m • Your even nt listing sites. ve targeted e /events igitalme d pamplin powered by