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22 THE CHARBONNEAU VILLAGER January 2020 Here are a few tidbits to help us all prepare for an eventful 2020: Charbonneau Women’s Golf Association By CATHI MCLAIN The new year brings new promises H appy New Year! January always offers the promise of a new year, with renewed hope for successful resolutions and goals achieved. It’s especially so at the beginning of a new de- cade. 2020 definitely has a ring to it! With each year that we are more firmly en- trenched in the 21st century, I have reluc- tantly conceded that the long-ago-promised flying car and hoverboard are, disappoint- ingly, still just science fiction and the stuff of movies from the 1990s. I still imagine the idea of self-drying clothes and invisible um- brellas that could keep us dry while we play winter golf. Unfortunately, technology hasn’t matched the future envisioned in the movies and my imagination, but living at Charbonneau does allow us to quickly hit the course whenever the weather and the spirit allows. Knowing that the course is ready when we are, I hope to join anyone who’s here for the winter, in a chilly round of golf, wrapped in our warmest gear, and hoping the rain and snow give us time to fin- ish 18! With golf dreams in mind, there are some club news to share to prepare us for the new year. As outgoing CWGA president, I want to ex- press my appreciation to all members of the ex- ecutive board, standing committee chairs, spe- cial committee chairs and all volunteers, for all their efforts and hard work, making 2019 an en- joyable year of golf and successful special events. CHARBONNEAU VI LL AG ER VOL. 42, NO. 2 Q FEBRUARY Q CHARBONNE AU, OREGON 2019 PRSRT. STD. U.S. POSTAGE PAID GRESHAM, OR PERMIT NO. 32 Dues payments should have been paid by now if you wish to remain active in GHIN. All mem- bers were deactivated on Jan. 1 and have only been reactivated if dues have been paid. If you plan to play in areas that allow for winter post- ing, be sure to get your new membership applica- tion in as soon as possible. You can do so online or by dropping it off in the club room at the pro shop. New World Handicapping System. Don’t forget: The new World Handicap System begins Jan. 1, 2020. If you are playing golf in an area that posts throughout the year, you will continue to post your scores. We suggest you work with your clubs down south for assistance in posting using the new system. Equitable Score Control (ESC) has been re- placed. You will use Par + 2 + your allocated handicap strokes on that hole for your maximum score for posting. You should post immediately after you play 9 or 18 holes. Handicaps will be re- vised daily, so you will need to check your handi- cap before you play. It is also a good idea to check the course slope on GHIN as score cards may have dated data. Answers to questions about the new system are available at USGA (https://www. Our own handicap chairs will be pro- viding training on the new system beginning with our January Winter Luncheon and will be avail- able to answer questions as the season progress- es. Please direct questions to Diane Meyers at di- and 503-705-3920 as we learn how to implement the new system. Winter Activities on Tap for CWGA include monthly board meetings and luncheons. Add these dates to your calendars and plan to join us for board meetings and these casual get-togethers during the winter. Please also feel free to invite prospective new members to join us. The lun- cheons are great ways to get acquainted and to reconnect with friends. ■ Wednesday, Jan. 8: Board meeting at 9 a.m. in the Country Club Lounge. If you’re in town, please join us as we set the plans for the coming season. ■ Thursday, Jan. 16: Winter Luncheon at 11:30 a.m. in The Turn. All are welcome, including pro- spective new members. Pre-ordering details will be provided via email. ■ Thursday, Feb. 20: Winter Luncheon at 11:30 a.m. in The Turn. All are welcome, including pro- spective new members. Pre-ordering details will be provided via email. ■ Thursday, March 19: Winter Luncheon at 11:30 a.m. in The Turn. All are welcome, including prospective new members. Pre-ordering details will be provided via email. ■ 2020 Executive Board: Joann Linville, presi- dent; Laurie Bales and Terry Borst, co-vice presi- dent; Debbie Bray, treasurer; Laura Curran and Lynda Huber-Marshall, co-secretaries; and Sha- ron Kadell, Rose Mason and Kathy Stout, tourna- ment co-chairs; Cathi McLain, past president. Hope this New Year finds you well, enjoying whatever life brings, and whether you are play- ing in the sun or just wishing for the sun, doing it with gusto. President’s Message — Joann Linville It is with honor that I take on the responsi- bility of president for CWGA for the 2020 year. Thank you for your confidence and assistance as we move to a new year with change once again. I am confident that buoyed by the innate friendship that women golfers have with one another and our “Love of the Game,” we will make it through this next round of change. Un- der the guidance of our Handicap Chairs, this January we will implement the World Handi- capping System in stride. We have great plans for helping everyone understand and learn this new system, so no worries. As I think about this new year, it helps to re- mind me of the purposes of our organization: ■ To govern the amateur golf activities in ac- cordance with the rules of golf adopted by the United States Golf Association. ADVERTISE IN THE VILLAGER! Reach every resident in Charbonneau. Inside the Villager New year, new management — Page 2 Thank you, Cindy! — Page 10 Singles club goes all female — Page 15 Contact Jesse Marichalar Changes for board nominations — Page 8 Plus Event Calendar, all club reports and more! 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