The Catalyst Volume 8, Issue 3 - Page 18

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Interns 4-Good...

new projects to help students, parents and teachers. Some examples include:

- Troubleshooting online platforms for parents and teachers. Specifically, Interns 4-Good has 60 bilingual teen volunteers who have been helping Spanish speaking parents.

- Creation of over 30, prerecorded, project-based curricula around interesting topics. Interns 4-Good has developed this template for volunteers to follow to create custom lesson plans. Recent curricula topics include entrepreneurship, journalism, poetry, and an introduction to the stock market. Check out this link for more lessons!

- Continued partnership with Learn to Be to offer free one-on-one online tutoring to hundreds of students.

This summer, Interns 4-Good has continued to make a difference as students and families navigate COVID-19 by offering a free virtual summer camp. Designed for lower and middle school students, the camp offers a mix of both online and offline guided activities with a new lesson, project and theme each day. Through the Interns 4-Good Summer Camp, Ellie hopes to enrich students’ learning through interactive lesson plans while also keeping the students entertained through physical activities.

In just over a year after launching Interns 4-Good, Ellie has touched thousands of lives. She took the leadership skills she gained at Alzar School and directly applied them to a passion, creating a revolutionary platform. Building a Leadership Circle of other motivated youth, she has delegated and drawn upon their talents to expand Interns 4-Good and the positive impact it has for both youth and worthy causes. Ellie’s inspiring vision and resilience has helped her adapt to and flourish in light of COVID-19. We could not be more proud of her leadership and the positive impact she is making through Interns 4-Good.