The Catalyst Volume 8, Issue 3 - Page 11

Why it matters

Health care workers and patients are undergoing especially trying times due to COVID-19 and deserve to be honored and celebrated. These individuals are working harder than ever whether it be fighting COVID-19, caring for those patients, or keeping hospitals clean. In some cases these people are not even allowed to be around their loved ones to prevent any spread of COVID-19.

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Project summary

G.O.! empowers girls and helps them realize in a male-dominated society that they are strong and capable of changing the world.

G.O.! - Girlpower Outdoors

Campbell Musslewhite

Why it matters

Experiencing the outdoors as a kid, and especially as a girl, is key to developing a strong sense of determination and happiness. Unfortunately, not everyone has accessibility to both time and outdoors, especially in DC where 1 in every 4 kids live in poverty according to Curbed.

time and outdoors....With G.O.!, students at the National Cathedral School for Girls lead hour and a half outdoor exploration sessions once a month right on campus....Sessions are filled with lessons and activities aimed at empowering the girls, as well as expanding their love for nature.

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