The Catalyst Issue 21 | May 2015 - Page 27

already raised more than $14 million of its $25 million goal. More jobs and opportunities According to an analysis by the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) Community and Economic Development Department, construction of the clinic and hospital will have an economic impact of more than $89.9 million and will generate more than 800 direct and indirect jobs. When the facility reaches full employment in 2019, it will have generated about $1 billion in economic activity in the Marble Falls region and will support 1,047 jobs. It will also attract additional medical service companies and offices, resulting in another 107 workers and $26.6 million in annual economic activity. Mr. Fletcher says, “The Marble Falls economy has been based on retail and hospitality for a long time, and those services continue to be important. But the opportunities to work with Baylor Scott & White on the medical center will pay dividends for a very long time. In terms of job opportunities for our residents, we have not had anything like this come along before.” “Baylor Scott & White is one of the premier healthcare organizations in the country,” Mr. Kemper says. “I think that will help secure the success of the hospital. We’ve also had some very astute people working on the project.” A legacy moves forward Mr. and Mrs. Kemper have owned the Blue Bonnet Café since 1981, after they both graduated from Marble Falls !