The Catalyst Issue 20 | December 2014 - Page 30

COLLABORATION | with caregivers and patients to create healthier lives like my brothers and sisters,” he says. “And although we’ve had challenges in implementing the electronic medical records system and opening the new hospital, it has been bearable because I trust my partners completely. It’s like a family; you go through a tough time, and you come out of it stronger.” And while Dr. Ransom thoroughly appreciates what his colleagues 30 THE CATALYST December 14 | contribute to the team, the reverse is also true. His fellow physicians applaud what he adds to the outstanding care available to patients in College Station. “He really cares about his patients, and he wants to be the best pediatrician,” says Robert M. Wiprud, MD, the director of family medicine at the College Station clinic. “His patients know that he’ll drop what he’s doing and give them all the attention they need.” The Ransoms are looking toward the future as they anticipate grandchildren, and savor the legacy Dr. Ransom leaves for them. “A hundred years from now, when our great-grandchildren drive by the hospital, their parents will be able to tell them, ‘Your great-grandfather helped start that,’” he says. “I’m very proud of that.” n