The Catalyst Issue 16 | April 2013 - Page 24

MAKING THE ROUNDS A day in the life of caregivers, friends, and volunteers at Scott & White Rosa Garza Podiatry Patient Educator, Scott & White Clinic - College Station uick on her feet, Ms. Garza wants patients to pay attention to their own feet. Feet aren’t glamorous, but they sure are important. For people with chronic diseases or injuries, feet often reflect how well patients are doing; they can also reveal whether complications have developed. So Rosa Garza’s mission is to get her patients back on their feet, and Q 22 The Catalyst April 13 | then keep them there. “It’s a snowball effect: If your feet hurt, you’re not going to move. If you’re not moving, you’re going to gain weight. If you gain weight, your blood pressure is going to go up. It’s all connected,” says Ms. Garza. Patients come in with various problems, such as diabetic ulcers, tendonitis, and bunions. They’ll have procedures or surgeries done, and then come back for follow-up care. Many of those patients, especially those with diabetes and other conditions that affect healing, will see Ms. Garza weekly or monthly for years. Ms. Garza is the advance team for the podiatrists in her department. She breezes into an exam or procedure room, sets out all the tools the doctor might