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NOVEMBER 2016 VOL 1, N0 2 COVER STORY MUSIC IS THE MEDIUM Starts with a love of kundiman E ACH is ‘gifted’ with a way of projecting the heart and soul of one’s culture. To a woman born to sing in classical style, it is her music. In the case of Canberra’s lady of song, Rina Benedictos, it starts with a love of the Filipino ‘kundiman’. Turn to page 3 for full story by MARILIE BOMEDIANO n RINA BENEDICTOS LOCAL ELECTIONS Not this time, maybe the next ESGUERRA, LANGFORD SHORT OF TARGET By GLORIA ROSS News Editor n JESSICA LANGFORD n INDRA ESGUERRA Y THE bids of two FilipinoAustralians for Seats in the ACT Legislative Assembly received strong support from the Filipino community, despite missing out. Lawyer Jessica Adelan-Langford (Liberal) and active Assembly advisor Indra Esguerra (Greens) fell short by only about 700 votes. “But I was impressed with the Filipino community support,” Langford said. “Almost all my volunteers were FilipinoAustralians, and these including family from the ACT, Sydney and CHRISTMAS IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER Y Melbourne who came down to help my campaign.” So with Esguerra: “My whole family have been a tremendous support to me. In particular though, I’d like to thank my 98yo grandmother, lola Rosalina Esguerra, who has been backing me and campaigning for me in her nursing home.” n