The Business Exchange Swindon & Wiltshire July 2014 Edition - Page 17

“ Work is what you do, not where you are Flexible Working 59% of employees say work/life balance is more important than money On the 30th June the UK’s flexible working regulations changed. 72% believe flexible working attracts quality talent The term “flexible working” can mean a lot of things. It can mean home working, part-time working, flexible hours and more. Employees can request any of these, so long as they only make one request a year. 86% 3 out of 4 of employers experience demand from employees for flexible working employees say that flexible working boosts their job satisfaction Anyone who has been employed for more than 26 weeks will be able to ask their employer to let them work more flexibly – extending a right which currently applies just to carers and parents. Employers don’t have to say yes, but they have to consider it. These new flexible working regulations may not be completely welcomed, however it is a good thing for business. This is because it is proven people work harder when their working hours and locations fit around them. If people work harder than companies flourish. For example, recent studies show there are £8.1 billion savings available to UK businesses if they work more flexibly and what’s more 74% of businesses* believe that flexible working helps keep good employees. To find out how Excalibur can help your business and employees work more flexibly, get in contact with us today by calling 01793 744286 or email *Source: Perspectives 2014 & Regus flexible working study 2014 @ExcaliburCom ExcaliburCommunications ExcaliburCommunications THE BUSINESS EXCHANGE 2014 17