The Business Exchange Swindon & Wiltshire Edition 62: August/September 2022 | Page 13

Businesses are doing it for … others !

Following this edition ' s theme of success , ambition , determination and resilience , Paddy Bradley , Chief Executive Officer at the Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership shares his thoughts on how local businesses are doing business brilliantly .
Channelling Eurythmics is a good start to any article ! Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart wrote a powerful modern feminist anthem to reflect what they were seeing around them and also to encourage more of the same . Hopefully , it has achieved both aims and a duet on a version with Aretha Franklin is not a bad by-product !
The theme of doing it for themselves ; of changing the dynamic and the perceived status quo is also what drives many entrepreneurs . We need that ambition , personal drive and willingness to disrupt how things are done . It is what can move an innovative idea into a game-changing commercial product . It is how entrepreneurs can do business brilliantly .
Many have shown that streak of imagination on top of great reserves of positivity to think differently and modify their businesses during the pandemic . In some cases , it has been following the basic tenet of life – adapt to survive . For others it has been clever thinking about how to pivot
their business to take advantage of the new ways of working . Those businesses have gained from being able to adapt their sales model to people spending many more hours at home rather than going into shops or producing new ranges of products to meet the needs of the new ways of working . Others have produced new services and products in response to many in our population re-evaluating what is important in their life following the sometimes traumatic experience of the pandemic . This is usual business practice for a mercantile state like the UK and is one of the reasons why we are a wealthy nation .
Over the last couple of years , I have been
so impressed by the actions of many of our brilliant businesses in Swindon and Wiltshire who have shown that entrepreneurial spirit , but have acted the way they have done primarily in the nation ’ s interest . There are many examples of businesses looking at their usual processes and adapting them to meet the needs of people at large during the pandemic . Although we are not clear of Covid yet , we are in the period of getting used to living with it . As time passes and life returns to a sense of normality , we should not forget the communal spirit and altruism of those enterprises and individuals who adapted existing business processes to produce extraordinary amounts of PPE and
hand-cleansing gel enabling front-line health workers to do their jobs with a higher degree of safety .
They were doing business brilliantly , seeing an opportunity and grasping it with both hands . It kept people in work and demonstrated you can survive in business by doing things for others .
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