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Together with our manufacturers we ' re committed to providing superior products whilst protecting the environment . Our aim is to continually improve our environmental performance through the implementation of the three Rs - Reduce , Reuse , Recycle .


Our products are procured only from suppliers which are certified as using timber from sustainable sources . In addition , our manufacturers are members of the Forest Stewardship Council ( FSC ®).


We are proud to have introduced Camira ' s Oceanic fabric to our range . Oceanic is a fabric born of the SEAQUAL initative , designed to combat marine plastic pollution and achieve a waste free environment . It is created entirely from post-consumer recycled plastic - from debris floating discarded in our seas . Each metre of Oceanic is woven from yarn made from 26 plastic bottles . It ' s suitable for use in a wide range of modern interiors .


Check out this sustainable chair . A simple but unique design , made of recycled felt . It ' s a mix of 60 / 70 per cent ( 980g ) of recycled plastic bottles and 30-40 per cent non-woven textile . Layers of material are preheated into a mould and pressed to create a shape known for its strength . The product doesn ' t contain any glue or adhesives .

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TBE PARTNERSHIP WITH THRINGS URGENT APPEAL IS IT ME? Over the years, John Davies’ Is it me? has become a favourite of The Business Exchange for its wit and camaraderie. This time, John’s in royally good spirits. Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine is not just a humanitarian crisis for the Ukrainian people; it’s a child protection emergency. Thrings Right now, 100,000 children warehoused in Ukraine’s vast orphanage system – a network of over 700 buildings - are terrified, voiceless and alone. As fighting intensifies and curfews and migration increase, staff are fleeing. Large numbers of children are being left to face the dangers of war, without the love and protection of families who care for them.In Ukraine, our staff are continuing to protect the most vulnerable children and families.@ThringsLaw We stand for the children and families in crisis now, and all those who will feel the impact of this war for years to In addition, over 2 million people have fled Ukraine since the war started, many of them children, at risk of trafficking, or being placed in overcrowded, understaffed and poorly resourced orphanages.To support our efforts to protect vulnerable children, you can donate online at: Or call 01722 790111 (Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm) Please quote ‘PRINT’ when making your donation. We must act now. We’re directly supporting unaccompanied children crossing into Moldova with material and emotional support. In Romania we’re supporting the emergency relief effort, as mothers, children, young people and the elderly cross the border. Will you help us by donating? In the event that funds raised exceed what is needed to deliver Hope and Homes for Children immediate and longer-term response to this crisis, we will use donations where the need is greatest. Make your gift grow by 25% at no extra cost to you I would like to make a donation to Hope and Homes for Children: Name Address Tel Email I enclose a cheque for £ made payable to Hope and Homes for Children or please debit £ by phone I would like to donate by debit/credit card Mastercard Today’s date by email please tick here if you would NOT like to hear from us by post. CAF card Maestro only Please make cheques payable to ‘Hope and Homes for Children’ and send to Hope and Homes for Children, FREEPOST RTKX-TYLS-JHHB, East Expiry Issue Security Clyffe immediate Farm Barn,and Salisbury Road,response Steeple Langford, Salisbury SP3 4BF. In the eventdate that funds raised exceed longer-term no. what is needed no. to deliver Hope and Homes for Children Card no. Start date Maestro Name of taxpayer Please let us know if you would like to hear from us: from my credit/debit card (details below) Visa I want to Gift Aid my donation and any donations I make in the future or have made in the past 4 years to Hope and Homes for Children. I am a UK taxpayer and understand that if I pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all my donations in that tax year it is my responsibility to pay any difference. Gift Aid will be used to fund Hope and Homes for Children’s general work. - - - - on signature to this crisis, we will use donations whereMaestro the need is greatest. only strip Hope and Homes for Children. Registered charity no: 1089490. You can view our privacy policy at You can view our privacy policy here Date Signature Registered charity (No. 1089490) UA22 God save the Queen Hello folks – I hope you’re all safe and well and that this article finds you in good spirits? Me? Well it’s kind of you to ask. As I write this it’s a Monday morning, it’s been raining heavily, and it’s a little gloomy outside but, I’m pleased to say, my spirits are good! Sometimes the topics for my various rants and musings in this column are a little hard to come by, but not this morning. Last night I turned on the TV and I watched the Jubilee Royal Windsor Horse Show, attended by Her Majesty the Queen and I’m so glad I did. Throughout the broadcast the cameras cut back to Her Majesty and she was absolutely beaming. Weirdly, it really gave me a lift and it got me thinking. I don’t care whether you’re a royalist or a republican – you can’t fail to be in awe of the Queen and everything she has given to the country and the Commonwealth. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting the Queen face-to-face and of course, I don’t have any kind of personal relationship with her……and yet I do. I grew up a child of the 70s and 80s. I’m now in my 50s and the Queen has always been there. I remember our street party for the Silver Jubilee, all the children in fancy dress, Union Jack hats and a real sense of community, (FYI I went as a cowboy). Every Christmas we listen intently to what she has to say. The newspapers, magazines, documentaries – she has always been there, through good times and bad. I remember my grandparents speaking fondly of her, for the way in which she conducted herself during the war years and now, my own children talk about her with warmth. It’s amazing really – she’s had an impact on everyone from the times of rationing to the digital generation. She has seen it all, done it all, walked tall among the leaders of the world, and lived her whole life in the public eye, virtually never putting a foot wrong. Having recently witnessed her lose her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, her ongoing mobility issues which inevitably come with age, and various family issues, it was so good to see her out and about and clearly enjoying herself. So, there it is, the Queen has cheered me up and for that, and her decades of service to our country and our people, I’d like to say thank you Ma’am and I’d like to wish Her Majesty the very best of British for her upcoming Platinum Jubilee. All I need to do now to celebrate with her in style is find a cowboy outfit that fits! Three Cheers to Her Majesty the Queen…..hip hip!! John Davies, Senior Corporate Partner, Thrings e: t: 01793 412634 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 1952-2022 e c i v r e S f o s ear 70 Y How are you celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee? Her Majesty The Queen is the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee. Commemorating this historic occasion In her letter to the nation, the Queen said that she hoped the Jubilee ‘will bring together families and friends, neighbours and communities’. And in that spirit, we would love for you to share with The Business Exchange your celebratory photographs. Whether you’re hosting a retro office tea party, organising a special picnic or just hanging up the bunting, show us how you’re celebrating in style. Tag us @TBESW on Twitter and @ businessexchangesw on Instagram and use the hashtags #PlatinumJubilee and/or #HM70 Swindon artist Judy Guillery of Judee Tree Art created this commemorative piece to thank the Queen for her 70 years of service to the country. Sending the Queen a print, she wrote, "I do hope you Your Majesty approves" but still awaits a reply. Judy's artwork and available prints can be found on facebook THE BUSINESS EXCHANGE 2022 37