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An average of £ 77k back into your business
out there who neglect to claim within the statutory period of between two and three years and miss out on colossal sums . I ’ d hate to be their FD when they find out !
How easy is it to submit a claim and how long does it take ?
To do it yourself is incredibly difficult , and I ’ m not just saying that because we benefit if you come to us . The legislation gets incredibly technical and we ’ ve heard of cases in the past where huge sums have to be handed back . You don ’ t want to end up in that position . Either use an accountant who knows their onions ( some do ) or partner with a reputable consultancy like us , either directly or through your accountant . We make it look easy but then we ’ re doing it day in , day out . A typical claim will take four to five weeks to put together from start to finish .
What do businesses miss or mistakenly believe aren ’ t eligible for R & D relief ?
In any industry , when you have someone at the coalface every day — be it a CEO , Finance Director or whoever — it ’ s easy for them to think their problem solving is just run of the mill . When we look at it through the lens of the legislation and show them why they deserve extra credit for it , there ’ s often a lightbulb moment where they realise they ’ ve been performing R & D all this time . It all comes down to risk . If there ’ s any uncertainty , and if a company is taking a risk by attempting to resolve some form of scientific or technological challenge , then chances are the work will qualify for tax credits .
How often can a business claim for R & D ?
Every financial year , providing the company continues to carry out qualifying activity .
What ’ s your top tip for anyone looking to submit a claim ?
Don ’ t claim for things that don ’ t qualify ! It sounds obvious but companies can get themselves into a right mess . Get someone to do your claim who knows the difference . If you can , seek out specialists who employ former HMRC staff . We do , and it ’ s often a good sign .
Catax is an industry-leading tax consultancy that specialises in specific tax reliefs and grant funding . Employing over 120 individuals across the UK , Catax can maximise the claims made for clients .
The team has helped clients claim nearly half a billion pounds in tax relief , often invested back into the business to fund further research projects , hire new staff , or improve business premises .
If you ’ re interested in finding out whether your business , clients or network could benefit , speak to Catax today .
Brendan Keane
Regional Development Director
No risk-service .
If no grant or claim is identified , there is no charge .
The process is made simple . All we need is a couple of hours of your time , then our specialists will take care of the rest .
The experts in tax relief and grants services . The team has helped over 15,000 clients receive over £ 444million back into their businesses .

An average of £ 77k back into your business

Contact us on : 0300 303 1903 email : enquiries @ catax . com or visit : www . catax . com
TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY FLUFF ACCUMULATES Callen-Lenz goes to Hollywood A software development agency based in Swindon, has gone through a number of positive changes in the first quarter of 2022 – recently updating its name from Fluff Digital to Fluff Software, they have expanded the team and have also celebrating a move into shared workspace, at The Workshed. The changes come at an important time for the company, as it enters its third year of trading, and looks to expand further and take on new clients. Owner, Scott Gulliver, said, “Software is changing the world. We’re seeing industries move into exciting new areas and challenge the status quo. “As we help more non-technical companies navigate the new landscape, this is where I’m personally seeing the most exciting developments. Our vision is to give companies of all sizes the ability to deliver truly transformative software projects. The name change underlines this and clearly states what we provide.” Being situated in central Swindon, alongside many other tech driven and creative businesses that operate from the Workshed, Fluff is now well placed to thrive and grow. New addition Alban Hampton has been hired with a strategic focus for the year on social media and he will also be delivering software development for Fluff’s clients. Scott said, “With his love of technology and software, Alban is going to be helping us to build some amazing projects. He’s also got a great ability to break down technical concepts – and this is going to be key with our need to look outward, connect with companies, and help them with expert advice. Alban’s interest in software development will enable us to create more compelling content and connect with our audience too.” With technology being high on the agenda for many companies, Fluff is helping many to implement their own custom software and mobile apps. A next-generation aircraft with Wiltshire connections will be featured in an upcoming Hollywood blockbuster. Scott added, “Improving our name, taking on Alban and a move into fresh and modern premises sets us up for growth, enabling our clients to work with us in a creative space. Our promise is to continue to make a real difference to those we work with, delivering game changing software.” Scott and his team have even developed an online recommendation tool that allows businesses to discover where they are on their software journey. So whether you’re a startup with an idea or an experienced CTO, you find out what you’ll need. Try it out for yourself here: Starring Daniel Radcliffe and Sandra Bullock, The Lost City features the Pegasus Vertical Business Jet – a project being developed in part by Salisbury firm Callen- Lenz. The company has been helping develop the aircraft which may soon be making its way to the consumer market, with air taxis and personal business jets used for short flights. Piers Hankinson, Business Development Director at Callen-Lenz, said, “To see the Pegasus Vertical Business Jet coming to life in a Hollywood film is fantastic; the innovation behind the scenes is even more impressive! “Our team is enjoying working on the vertical take-off and landing system and flight controls for the Pegasus, making the flight experience viable, smoother and safer. “I’m certain that the research and development that we [Callen-Lenz] and Pegasus Universal Aerospace and our other partners have done over the past 12 months will lead to further ground-breaking aerospace innovations in the years to come.” The jet's development, labelled Project NOMAD, is being co-funded by the UK Government and hopes to provide a boost to innovative aerospace technology For more info: How much do you really know about your website hosting? ADVERTISING FEATURE By Kyle Holmes, Founder and Managing Director of Calne-based Black Nova Tech. The latest news from Smarter Media WORKING EVEN SMARTER WITH NEW TALENT ONBOARD By Emma Carter managing director of the Swindon-based digital marketing agency. As 2022 speeds by, we’re not standing still at Smarter Media and I’m delighted to introduce you to new members of our team. We work in a very focused way with our clients which has led to success and this means we need more talent in our team to continue to grow. Our new team members should show the way in which we are walking our talk! I’m so excited with the talent, potential and added value we can continue to offer, and improve upon for our clients. We are confident in our ability to support ambitious clients with their SEO, PPC, paid for and organic social media marketing. Joining us recently are: Here's how we explain what we do at Smarter Media: Louise Gandolfi – our ‘Head of Search’ With more than a decade’s experience in SEO, Louise has joined us after a number of years as a freelancer, working inhouse at Superdry and at some of the region's best agencies including Click Intelligence and Mr B & Friends. Managing the search and social media delivery team, Louise brings her experience to take responsibility in delivering impressive organic results for our clients. 28 Tanya Stead – our copy and content specialist Having relocated to the UK from Zimbabwe, Tanya has been a freelancer creating content for websites, blogs, social media channels & advertising. With a degree in consumer science, she uses data and audience knowledge to build effective strategies and create content that delivers results as well as engaging a relevant audience. Jamie Rowell - our SEO specialist Having started his career as a general marketing executive, Jamie discovered his love for all things SEO about five years ago. With a special interest in technical SEO and content for search (he's a published novelist in his spare time!), Jamie uses his skills to define the SEO strategy, managing the implementation delivery team and ultimately drives results and conversions for his dedicated client base. We are a digital growth agency using our ‘Smarter Approach’ to help your business grow digitally. Working side by side with you, we use our Smarter Way Process to create a plan that delivers results and our Smarter Promise to share what we do, why we do it & the outcomes both good & bad! If you want to find out more about us or talk to us about how we can make you very visible in our digital world, get in touch on: 01793 292 171 or via: It often amazes me and my team how little business owners – even of larger businesses – know so little about their website hosting. Put simply, website hosting is what keeps your website online, so if yours is running as normal you might think you don’t need to even consider changing anything. After all if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Yet website hosting, done well, isn’t just about whether or not it’s broken. When something is broken we then find out how much we don’t know in business. With website hosting though, what if it’s working yet working very badly? What if we told you that with Black Nova, website hosting is a way to help your website perform better, with fast loading speeds? What if we told you it can help improve your SEO and strengthen your website security? With us, everything on the website is backed up and saved every 24 hours. With us, we can help prevent your website going offline and offer 24/7 UK-based monitoring. Why does website load speed & performance even matter? Loading speed matter, because research shows that if a web page takes longer than around three seconds to load, nearly 30 per cent of users will click away and choose a different search result. Think about how you react when you are searching for something and a relevant website doesn’t load quickly? That’s bad news for your business, and it doesn’t stop there. Even if people do stick with it, buying intent drops if visitors then have to wait again for images and information to load. They will also be deterred if it takes them a long time to navigate around your website or the user journey is not logical and straightforward. We’re happy to talk to you about this and perhaps discuss the implications of your website hosting before you make any decision. "if a web page takes longer than around three seconds to load, nearly 30 per cent of users will click away and choose a different search result" Get in touch to find out more about our new website hosting service which starts from £84 plus vat a year. If any of this worries or concerns you do get in touch. Visit: Call: 01793 210 045 Email: THE BUSINESS EXCHANGE 2022 29