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Share of £ 1m funding to promote tourism along Great West Way

Wiltshire ’ s £ 1.5 billion tourism industry , which pre-pandemic supported 28,000 jobs is hoping for a boost this summer thanks to a new funding pot .
Great West Way , the destination organisation working in partnership with 27 destinations to promote the multi-modal touring route between Bristol and London , has been awarded a share of the £ 1 million VisitEngland 2022 ‘ Escape the Everyday ’ destination marketing fund , established to support postpandemic tourism recovery in England .
The funding is being used on a digital and social media marketing campaign promoting urban short breaks on the Great West Way this summer . Cities and towns including West London , Bristol , Bath , Reading , Salisbury , Windsor and Swindon , as well as a range of Great West Way ‘ ambassadors ’ - tourism partners and businesses from across the visitor economy - will feature in the Great West Way campaign .
David Andrews , Chief Executive at Great West Way said , “ We ’ re delighted to have been selected by VisitEngland to receive this funding . The campaign is an important support for tourism businesses who have been hard hit by the pandemic across the last two years and we are aiming to replicate the success of last year ’ s Great West Way ‘ Escape the Everyday ’ campaign which generated an estimated £ 5m visitor spend in local economies across the route .
" We ’ ll be working closely with our town and city destinations to showcase the surprising , contemporary and high-quality urban experiences to be found along the Great West Way and encouraging visitors to explore these alongside our extraordinary heritage and countryside .”
VisitEngland Director , Andrew Stokes , added , “ VisitEngland is very pleased to be delivering this fund to support destinations locally as they align their activities to our national ‘ Escape the Everyday ’ campaign , encouraging more people to discover the fantastic array of tourism products on their doorstep and further afield . The funding will support businesses along the Great West Way who have been working so hard to welcome visitors back and provide a stand-out experience .”
Great West Way welcome hearing from tourism related businesses on the route who would like to find out more about involvement in the campaign . Businesses can contact Great West Way ’ s Head of Marketing , Fiona Errington by emailing : fionaerrington @ GreatWestWay . co . uk .
Photo credit : Great West Way . Inside Salisbury Cathedral by Ioan Said .
The Great West Way route was established in 2017 with support from the UK Government ’ s £ 40 million Discover England Fund , administered by VisitEngland . Managed by Great West Way Ltd , a not-for-profit Destination Management Organisation , the route is developed and promoted in partnership with over 250 investing destinations and tourism businesses , working collaboratively as Great West Way Ambassadors .
The Great West Way Ambassador Network includes accommodation providers , attractions , restaurants , retail outlets , tour guides , activity providers and other organisations . For more information on joining the network contact SteveFossett @ GreatWestWay . co . uk

Jazzbones Creative are specialists in the travel and tourism sector

Swindon-based with an international portfolio , Jazzbones is a branding and design studio that works with a wide range of companies in diverse sectors . However , work for the travel and tourism sector has become something of a speciality for us for a number of years .
The many travel / tourism clients we have worked with include South Australia Tourism Commission , Imagine Cruising , Anglo Welsh The Narrowboat Holiday Company , Orion Holidays , Chippenham Connected , Swindon Borough Council , Holidays in the Cotswolds , Blunsdon House Hotel , Landmark Hotels and Pride of Britain Hotels .
Mirroring the geographical range of the tourism clients we have worked with is the sheer scope of the work , covering everything from full-on branding exercises , websites and videos to glossy brochures , POS , photography and video production .
More recently we have been developing the marketing strategy for the Visit Swindon destination tourism website ( visitswindon . org . uk ) and social media in partnership with Swindon Borough Council , a logical extension of our efforts supporting local businesses in the travel and tourism sector .
The Visit Swindon website includes a What ’ s On section and all the latest news , plus information pages targeting seven distinct target audiences : An Evening Out , Arts and Culture , A Green Day Out , A Heritage Day Out , Leisure and Activities , A Family Day Out and a Shopping Day Out .
Each section lists a variety of the town ’ s best attractions as well as giving the lowdown on what Swindon ’ s lovely hinterland has to offer .
To make it aspirational and attractive we felt this website should be very image led , so we decided to use large splash images that grab the attention of the audience and clearly show each activity .
Our copywriters also deliver stimulating content focusing on the latest goings-on in Swindon . The final result is an eye-catching website that works hard to get visitors flocking to Swindon , a South Western gem just waiting to be discovered .
Since the pandemic officially ended , Visit Swindon has seen a 130 per cent increase in new users and 77 per cent increase in page views to the website , which shows that people are actively looking for things to do in Swindon , which is great news for the local tourism industry .
We ’ ve also seen lots of great activity and engagement across the Visit Swindon social media accounts with Instagram reach up 359 per cent .
To find out what Jazzbones can do to propel your travel business contact Founder and Creative Director , Nathan Sandhu . We love to talk ! Email : nathan @ jazzbones . co . uk , call 01793 847300 or visit : www . jazzbones . co . uk
12 www . tbeswindonandwilts . co . uk
PROPERTY ADVERTISING FEATURE A commercial lease is a binding legal contract, but there are times when businesses may wish, for a number of reasons, to leave the premises. If this is the case with your business, how can you get out of a commercial lease early? Fail to comply with the break clause conditions, and you may miss the opportunity to move out Assignment is another option. Under the alienation provisions, you may be able to transfer the remainder of the interest you have in a lease to another party. A common example of assignment is when a business is set up in a person’s own name, as a sole trader, then they decide to incorporate. Here, the lease would need to transferred or ‘ assigned’ to the new entity. Assignment is also a way of getting out of a commercial lease, by assigning the lease to another tenant. The landlord will need to agree this, and there may be conditions attached. Following a reform in the law in 1995, an authorised guarantee agreement is likely to apply. This means that for the duration of the remainder of the lease, while the new tenant is in occupation, if something goes awry (for example, if the rent is unpaid), the landlord can pursue the original tenant for breaches by the new tenant. An alternative to assignment is underletting the lease, which also falls under the alienation provisions. Here, you would still be responsible for the lease, and the rents and associated costs, but you would have found a tenant who then reimburses you, hopefully by the same amount. You PROPERTY Co-work | office | meet How to get out of a commercial lease early A commercial lease is a form of contract agreed between a business tenant and the building’s landlord. It gives the business the right to use the property for its business activity for a set period of time, as stipulated in the terms of the lease. It also details the rights and responsibilities of both the business tenant and the landlord during that time. But what if you wish to end the commercial lease early? You may want to move to larger premises, you may wish to downsize, perhaps you are closing your business, or transferring it to a new owner. There are a number of ways you may be able to get out of a commercial lease early. If your contract has a break clause – for example at five years, during a ten year lease – you can tell the landlord that you are going. However, be aware that there will be a notice period. If your break clause comes into effect on January 31, and you have to give not less than six months’ notice, then you will need to have alerted the landlord by July 30. There may also be other conditions, for example the landlord would expect to take vacant possession, so not just the people but all the contents (equipment, furniture etc) must be removed. ADVERTISING FEATURE are still on the hook as regards the terms of the lease, but it does mean your costs (rates, rent etc) are covered. In the absence of a break clause, or any other options, you may be able to negotiate an end to the commercial lease, if the landlord is in agreement – this is known as surrender. However, you would generally be expected to pay compensation to the landlord. Our advice as commercial property lawyers is always to give careful consideration to the terms of a lease, to anticipate the future needs of your business, and only then sign a contract that suits both you and the landlord. For help and advice on commercial property leases, please get in touch with Iain Mason, Head of Legal at Optimum Professional Services. Email: and visit Optimum Professional Services online at: Space for digital entrepreneurs, tech pioneers & creative thinkers to innovate, connect and grow. Workshed is a space that provides the right environment for small businesses to thrive. We all need to start somewhere. Having a great idea or talent is not enough alone. It’s important to find an environment where you can join forces and work with others. Where you can spark fresh ideas and work collaboratively to deliver results. At Workshed we give businesses room to breathe, to make choices that support their business journey and development. We support through specialist funded programmes and networking events that are building our business community. We have many great examples of growth. One successful business with a strong international reach looking to further develop its strong local client base is HodgesNet, a social media and content marketing agency in Swindon. The vibrancy and energy of the team lights up the space and delivers results. HodgesNet works with brands and influencers to grow audiences and make more sales. Ant Hodges started working from Workshed in March 2020, unable to work from home due to the need for high-speed connectivity. Having family at home through lockdown sharing the online bandwidth meant finding a space with good internet connection was an absolute necessity. HodgesNet has grown from a four-person office with one employee to an eight-person office with five full time employees in two years and is still growing. Ant Hodges said, “Workshed provides a great backdrop for our videos and content creation and never ceases to impress our international clients. The development of in-person workshops and events more recently has had a next level response from our local clients. The space inspires creativity. “Being in Workshed is more than just about the here and now. It is really exciting to be at the centre of what is going on and at the heart of the local heritage redevelopment. “The community vibe adds great value to the businesses here” Ant Hodges, HodgesNet (left) and Joe Thomkinson, Taxtful (right) Taxtful’s Joe Thompkinson said, “We work really flexibly and my working day varies between client meetings, working from my home office and working from Workshed. This environment fits our relaxed and approachable style of business.” Visit us in Workshed and discover what this beautiful old building with a modern interior can offer your business growth plans. To find out more about The Workshed email: or call 07971 777 906. Visit the website at: A new addition to the Workshed community this year is Taxtful. A different type of accountants. An experienced collective of straight-talking, hard-working, business aficionados, proactively advising and supporting SMEs. Since taking on office space in Workshed, the team has doubled in size from two to four to meet the demand for their services. The business is already a valued part of the Workshed community after only a few months. ESG: Keeping you and your business moving in 2022 Specialising in commercial & domestic moves 22 sales@ 01249 813430 Why it matters to your business What do the world’s best workplaces have in common? Clue: it’s not sleeping pods, spiral staircases or even great coffee. It’s a sense of purpose which binds a community together. It’s transparency and trust. It’s a desire to create a positive impact that spreads beyond the four walls of the office.By ensuring your workplace is sustainable, socially-focussed and designed for employee wellbeing, you can begin to develop an ESG strategy which creates a positive environmental impact, fosters an inclusive and healthy company culture, and thrives on transparent reporting (not to mention the scope for increased ROI). Many of these concepts are being bought together under the banner of ESG strategies: Environmental, Social and Governance. The phrase was coined by investors looking to develop a framework whereby they could avoid unethical or “sin” stocks. Now organisations with ESG processes in place have been proven to drive faster company growth and employee and customer engagement.Interaction are here to help you at every step of the process – whether that’s running a sustainability audit on your furniture, defining your workplace strategy for a hybrid world or simply reconfiguring your space in a way that brings people together better. ESG credentials are a must in the war for talent, with many people motivated to work for an organisation they view as ethical and purpose-driven, especially when it comes to younger Millennials and Gen Z. In the midst of the “Great Resignation” it’s vital to keep your existing workforce engaged; surveys have shown nearly 30% of respondents have left a company due to its lack of a corporate sustainability agenda. Your workplace is the heart of a company and a manifestation of your company’s purpose and vision; a physical representation of what you value as a business. Business Exchange south west HP_ESG_MAY22.indd 1 Scan to download our Ultimate Guide to ESG! Get in touch if you’d like to find out more Charlie Moss Relationship Manager 17/05/2022 THE BUSINESS EXCHANGE 2022 17:08 23