The Business Exchange Swindon & Wiltshire Edition 61: June/July 2022 - Page 21

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Anita and her dog Prince the Rough Collie
For more info : wwwbringyourdogtoworkday . co . uk introducing pet friendly policies to encourage people to return to places of work , following the lead of progressive global giants such as Google , Apple and Amazon . Many of you may have seen the Amazon video that went viral introducing ' some of the cutest dogs at Amazon .' It shows reception desks stocked with dog treats and a ' doggie deck ' where dogs can play and be exercised during breaks . They even have dog-friendly water fountains . Are you reading this thinking the world ' s gone barking mad ? In fact bringing a dog into work is known to have benefits .
Research by The Kennel Club shows that people believe there are many advantages to workplaces being dog friendly .
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Sinewave is a Swindon-based specialist electrical engineering company . Adam Woodley is the firm ' s Founder and Chief Executive Officer . He said , " Sinewave understand the importance of its furry friends to our people . Dogs play a huge part in our family lives and bring a great deal of happiness and relaxation to many of us .
" From a mental wellbeing perspective Sinewave embrace the vital role our dogs play in our daily lives , which was made even more prevalent during the Covid lockdown . " For our people dogs reduce the stress of life and help improve mental health . They provide comfort , companionship , and the need for a consistent schedule . Our dogs also help us to keep in better physical shape and provide people with a reason to go out walking .
" Not only do our dogs reduce people stress but when we have our dogs in the office it helps to reduce stress in our workplace and puts a smile on all our faces . " A happy dog makes happy people at Sinewave !" Pictured left Bobbie the Boxer at Sinewave HQ .