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Digital expertise from the Growth Hub

The use of digital solutions within organisations has become an essential part of running a business , with the pandemic catapulting some into what for them was a very ‘ new ’ world . Many businesses had relied on face-to-face solutions and had never taken the steps to introduce video meetings , online sales or social media marketing .
The Growth Hub is keen to ensure that all business leaders have access to relevant business support and offer a variety of one to one and one to many support options . During the pandemic , telephone support , Teams meetings and webinars became the mainstay to deliver the advice , and the digital solutions discussed were often key to ensuring businesses survived the turbulent period .
The use of digital is now becoming second nature to most business owners , but there are still many who need additional help to utilise their current systems , and many who still don ’ t know where to start . Advice and guidance on all things digital is available , from digital marketing basics through to more in-depth areas , as well as access to the funded Skills Support for the Workforce programme of training courses .
As restrictions have reduced , the Growth Hub has been able to begin delivering face-to-face workshops which have been extremely well-received by the business community within Swindon and Wiltshire .
Workshops have been delivered on a number of topics with some great feedback from attendees . For two of the workshops , the Growth Hub partnered with both Trowbridge Chamber of Commerce and Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce . The practical elements of the recent workshops highlighting how to create valuable and worthwhile video content were particularly well-received . Read a summary of some of the content below .
Why video should be part of your online presence The workshop considered why video should be part of your online presence and gave plenty of ideas on how to deliver this digital medium successfully . Letitia Wright and Rob Creer from the Growth Hub team delivered a three-hour session to attendees explaining how organisations can utilise video content effectively to help grow their businesses .
HubSpot found that 78 per cent of people watch online videos every week , while 54 per cent watch videos every day . There are plenty more statistics which prove that as a nation , we are moving towards video as a means of interaction .
Google ’ s research shows that 6 out of 10 people would rather watch online videos than television .
Videos are clearly a very powerful tool when it comes to promoting your organisation . Social Films , a video production company , found that video marketing increases qualifying leads by 66 per cent .
Creating a timely , meaningful video isn ’ t always easy , however , and you also have to ensure that you are utilising the right platforms . Instagram Reels , for example , has a maximum video length of 60 seconds , but an optimum video time of only 15 seconds . TikTok ’ s popularity has soared since the Pandemic , but its optimum run time is only between 9 and 15 seconds .
There are platforms which will enable longer videos , with YouTube ’ s optimum time of 7 to 15 minutes , but you still need to ensure that you pitch the video to your audience . According to Dr James McQuivey of Forrester Research , “ One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words ”.
Before you press the record button , take time to decide on what you want your video to accomplish . Ensure you are delivering content which your target audience cares about . Consider whether you wish to utilise graphics or text within the video . If so , will you have a voiceover or background music playing ? Do you want to record a person talking ? If so , consider using a script and take some time to make sure the setting and background is suitable ; does it represent your brand ?
Some further considerations are :
• Simply tell your story
• The first few seconds will make or break your video
• Make sure your video is a good fit for each social media platform you use
• Have an engaging title and thumbnail
• And finally , don ’ t forget your call to action !
As with all parts of your Marketing Strategy , identifying the key metrics to measure is equally important with video content as with any other content . Consider the impact on Search Engine Optimisation with your videos .
Videos aren ’ t a tool for everyone ; however they do have the ability to :
• Ensure that your business is seen in a new way
• Capture your audience ’ s curiosity
• Demonstrate your expertise
• Build trust in your brand
By telling a story in an engaging way , it can deliver very persuasive content , evoking emotions that written text alone simply cannot convey .
For details of upcoming workshops and webinars , check the Events webpage regularly as new sessions are added all the time . www . growthhub . swlep . co . uk / events
If you would like to receive funded business support or wish to learn more , please contact the Swindon and Wiltshire Growth Hub team on 01249 477287 or visit : www . growthhub . swlep . co . uk
The role of video within the buyer ’ s journey funnel
Role of Video
Trigger a need or help a prospect pinpoint and existing problem : Branding , Company introductions , Educational
Educate and guide a prospect to the best possible solution problem : Explainer , Thought leadership
Videos are an excellent addition to your Marketing Strategy as they :
• Further establish your brand ’ s identity
• Allow customers to get to know you
• Give your business a competitive edge
• Boost your SEO
• Simplify product / service explanations
• Are social media friendly
Consideration strengthen the prospect ' s preference for your company : Case study , Company culture
Educate and guide a prospect to the best possible solution problem : Explainer , Thought leadership
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