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As part of our commitment to supporting organisations and individuals to get the best from apprenticeships , the SWLEP Growth Hub has a dedicated Skills Adviser assisting with all things ' apprenticeship '.
Please reach out if you need :
• Help with deciding if having an apprentice would work for your business
• Guidance on choosing the options for course and standards of apprenticeship
• Assistance with the ongoing process
Organisations of all sizes and sectors can offer apprenticeships . There are a huge variety of apprenticeships available and plenty of support if , as a business owner , you are unsure if they are right for you and your business . Three webinars were created by the Skills team specifically for National Apprenticeship Week and are available watch post event . Each webinar outlines the key areas of value that apprenticeships can bring to growing organisations .
DEVELOPING NEW TALENT Most people have the historic view that apprentices are school-leavers , young and inexperienced . As you will read below , this is no longer always the case . That said , whilst young people entering into a more basic level apprenticeship within a business environment may have only recently left school , they can still bring a great deal of new talent to your organisation .
Digital skills , in particular , are a key benefit of hosting a young person , plus you have the opportunity to develop the individual to work in a way that you need for your specific situation . There are a number of apprenticeship standards and levels , with some options to mould the modules to suit your individual circumstances .
FILLING YOUR SKILLS GAP 86 per cent of employers said apprenticeships helped them develop skills relevant to their organisation .
By offering an exciting opportunity to someone that may have worked elsewhere previously , they can bring a wealth of transferable skills which can be further honed and developed according to the specific needs of your organisation . From basic to degree levels , there is bound to be one suitable for your requirements which will attract the right candidate .
Higher level apprenticeships , in particular , are a great recruitment tool to bring in a talented and experienced workforce that are committed to their progression in their chosen career or industry .
RETAINING , RETRAINING AND MOTIVATING EXISTING TALENT Utilising apprenticeships to upskill and motivate staff is a great way to prepare your business for the future .
No-one likes to lose quality staff , but if they no longer have the right skills needed for the future you plan for your business , you might think you would have to consider letting them go . But why not offer them the opportunity to develop or change career direction by utilising an apprenticeship which will enable them to develop the skills you will need for the future ?
Using apprenticeships to upskill existing staff can help to motivate them , assist in their career progression whilst also helping futureproof your company .
WHAT SKILLS CAN BE LEARNT VIA AN APPRENTICESHIP ? Do you operate in the space industry ? Do you need a space engineering technician ? There ’ s an apprenticeship offering for that . Do you run a marketing agency ? Do you need a junior advertising creative ? There ’ s an apprenticeship offering for that too .
In fact , there are currently 697 apprenticeship standards approved for delivery and potential standards for use by employers which can help people of all ages pursue a great career and provide organisations with skilled , bespoke talent . In addition to talking to one of the Growth Hub ’ s Skills Advisers to find out more , you can also investigate the wealth of resources available on the Government ’ s apprenticeship website www . apprenticeships . gov . uk .
The site details the many sectors serviced by apprenticeships including :
• Agriculture , environment and animal care
• Business and administration
• Care services
• Catering and hospitality
• Construction
• Creative and design
• Digital
• Education and childcare
• Engineering and manufacturing
• Hair and beauty
• Health and science
• Legal , finance and accounting
Within each sector , there are a number of available standards , or training courses which make up each apprenticeship . The Institute for Apprenticeships website contains full details of the standards that are available ( 697 at the time of writing ). More are added regularly and in consultation with business leaders and employers to ensure that the apprenticeship qualifications are fit for purpose in today ’ s economy .
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