The Business Exchange Swindon & Wiltshire Edition 49: June/July 2020 - Page 27

EN and it’s now clear ur reputation goes putation right now? SET THE RIGHT TONE - this is critical at such a sensitive time among the public and the wider business community. For example, adding the words Covid19 to a brand or product has been shown to be disliked by the public unless there’s a valid reason. Some businesses would naturally offer services around this as it fits into their skill set eg. accountancy, financial advisers, PR companies. However for others it’s clearly something they would not usually do. Tone and perception are key here. REFLECT ON YOUR BEHAVIOUR – if you know as a business owner that you have not behaved as ethically as you could have then you may need crisis management support for your PR. Be prepared that this will cost you more and also that local PR agents may say ‘no’. They won’t want your reputation to damage them. If that’s the case, ask for some training and start the process yourself. TAKE ACTION – nothing happens if you don’t actually take action. No amount of training, consultancy will add value until you start moving forward. Do it at a pace you and your team can manage and celebrate every milestone along the way however small. If you need help with planning, strategy or any aspect of PR you can contact me on 07789 27003 or email: For more info: icating how ifference? PEAKS VOLUMES