The Business Exchange Swindon & Wiltshire Edition 49: June/July 2020 - Page 25

COMMUNITY VOICES landscape left in the doing their best to years will affect them. xchange Mark Adams, Director, Mintivo and TikTock and expect major releases from the big names like Microsoft and Google. Less travel in working lives People will work from home more often. We’ll get closer to a 50:50 balance between home working and office. Of course, that doesn’t work for all business, particularly retail or manufacturing where you have to be hands-on., but office environments will become quieter, smaller places with more hotdesking when staff are on-premise. Does that spell the end for the travelling salesperson? Why would you send a salesperson on a 400-mile round-trip for a meeting that they could hold over a Zoom or Microsoft Teams? If they worked from home, they could get through many more meetings, be less tired and have more time with their family. The roads will be quieter and the planet a little less polluted as a result. Of course, that will not work for every business, but I suspect many will be asking that question. And if one salesperson can do more sales calls remotely, will you need so many of them? Relationships between retained and furloughed staff will be strained There have been some tough decisions for businesses. Decisions that needed to be made quickly and with the government help, many staff have found themselves furloughed. Have we thought about the impact this has on the team as we bring everyone back together? There’s a risk of resentment between those that were furloughed, and those that weren’t. As managers, we should be vigilant for the future impact on the relationships between colleagues. No one knows what the future holds. Adapt to cope with the unexpected The fact is that nobody knows what the future holds for business after Covid-19. The landscape will certainly change. What you can do however is adapt your business to cope with situations like this. The technology is there for all of us to use, you just need to utilise it in the right way. For more info: @mintivo THE BUSINESS EXCHANGE 2020 13