The Business Exchange Swindon & Wiltshire Edition 49: June/July 2020 - Page 13

7 NAMES FOR 7 WEEKS Herbert support businesses and administer grants to 8,500 eligible businesses. To date over £71m has been distributed to over 6,000 businesses and we have supported another 2,000 businesses with queries. “Wiltshire has proven itself to be resilient and we’ll build on that foundation, harness the community spirit and face the upcoming challenges, together. “Behind the NHS, Wiltshire Council has been, and continues to be, the second main responder in the county to Covid-19. With our responsibilities regarding social care, public health, the economy, and our communities and schools, we’ll also lead the recovery process to get Wiltshire back on its feet when social distancing begins to relax. utherton “We have tried to support everyone across Wiltshire and want our communities to know that the council is there during these unprecedented times. “We would like to thank our residents and businesses for their support whether it has been through following the government guidance and staying at home to protect lives, donating PPE to our services or supporting a local community group. We would also like to thank everyone for the positive support they’ve given our staff. The thank you notes and positive feedback have been greatly appreciated.” Christian Olenjnik ie Southerton, co-owner y Ltd and a part-time hairnd thread. Debbie has been nt to helping others includours to keep on sewing. cing rules have impacted ors being the obvious one, cts within the psychology eeding close interaction. the need to become virtual tant, but also supporting e have started recording some s not to expect too much of ple tasks of the day – good t at this time. roup called For The Love Of had found access to PPE ebook Group took off at such ossible to navigate, other subual confusion. I decided to ver information I could find. I o work, searching for fabric of er said than done! I contacted p me fund fabric for scrubs. ew purpose too. opping through the door and d the task. Fabric was slow asks with any scraps of fabric perate for any form of PPE. rrived and I have been sewing sponsibility. I feel that if you anything in life, then you have sense of satisfaction knowing elp those facing the virus wing the scrubs is perhaps ul, I need to give something e, the comradery and doing ve the sewing machine bug… aps an additional business? Christian Olejnik is Managing Director of Sweetnam & Bradley in Malmesbury. The company was nominated for developing and starting to manufacture a gadget to help during the Covid-19 crisis. They were nominated by people in their own community. The manufacturing company was set up over 60 years ago and is known as a market leader in sheet metal fabrication and finishing. The company was bought out last year by entrepreneur Nigel Roberts and is now part of the Megasteel family. The day-to-day running is still handled by former owner Christian (who is now the Managing Director) and fellow Director Nigel Johnson. Christian said, “As this situation developed we brainstormed ideas of what would help people during this time and the government was keen for manufacturing companies to keep going. One thing which came up was the fear around touching hard surfaces when we are out and about as lockdown lifts. It could be door handles, doorbells, drawers, an ATM – anything which requires the contact of your hand when out and about in public. While washing your hands often is advice we must all follow, it’s not always practical if you are touching multiple hard surfaces. “Nigel Roberts came in with prototypes and the final one is the Koronagadget which is effectively an extension of your hand. It’s safe to use, can be carried on your person easily as it’s the size of a credit card. It’s just one way to help as we lift from lockdown. “We’ve been staggered by the interest so far and I think because it’s so simple it just works. Our tagline ‘be touch free’ just says all you need to know. We had orders for several thousand from both the UK and overseas.” The Koronagadget is made of steel and has a polyester coating with antimicrobial properties and is selling for £12, though discounts are available for bulk orders of 100 or more. Companies can also have their logos put on their gadgets if they wish. The gadget is also recyclable and Sweetnam and Bradley are happy to take them back when used and they will recycle them appropriately. For more information visit: THE BUSINESS EXCHANGE 2020 7