The Business Exchange Swindon & Wiltshire Edition 49: June/July 2020 | Page 11

By Fiona Scott thical inspiration in business ws, from all over the globe a minute by minute basis – it ded moments of light on the munity in Swindon and may be doing someone’s service offering to do ing customers or the Angela Ashworth company that changes its production to provide something for the fight against the virus. We’ve asked our readers to nominate people or companies they have felt have made a difference at this time. There were many we could feature – and this article honours all of them even though we are shining the spotlight on just seven to represent the seven weeks of ‘strict’ lockdown. Angela Ashworth is the Co-Founder of Purple Lime, based in Corsham. While Angela and her team were very busy helping clients deal with lockdown and supporting them with applying for various grants and funding, she also got involved in another way with the Covid19 effort. She joined a team of volunteers to sew scrubs for the NHS and social care sector and rediscovered her love of sewing. Angela has been nominated by her own team for spending all of her spare time helping others. Angela said, “Doing this has made me feel uplifted. I feel and have felt that I can do something practical to give back to society in a small way. I know it helps people in my community and at my GP surgery, or in the care home down the road. “Once I got going I loved it and I realised I’d forgotten how much I love sewing. In my 20s I made all of my own clothes and I intend Lucas Gleed Lucas Gleed is a Digital Marketing Apprentice with the Platform Project CIC in Swindon and is in the early stages of setting up his own company. He was nominated for being a proactive and positive young voice in the Swindon business community, particularly online. “I’ve been working with The Platform Project for about a year and in my role of digital marketing apprentice for ten months. We run Youth Development Social Enterprise challenges and we’ve launched a youth issues magazine called #iDare ( “I have been put on the Government Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme due to the work that The Platform Project do. Luckily, I am continuing with my apprenticeship learning. This time has also helped me start really planning for my own business. “One thing that the pandemic has helped me to figure out, is what services I want to offer. I’ve been doing some consultancy with Michelle Phillips from Magnetic Mindset Coach Community Interest Company, helping her to gauge what it is she wants to get out of her social media accounts and also helping to do so again. So far myself and hundreds of others of volunteers have made about 1,000 sets of scrubs and rising in just four weeks. We used donated duvet covers, table cloths, sheets and pillowcases – and have some very cheery sets made up which I’m sure will bring a smile to the wearer and patient. With the usual fabric running low, they had to be made from durable fabric which could be repeatedly washed at 60 degrees C to kill the virus.” her to get more of a social media following. “One of the biggest things that has surprised me is how giving and generous people are being. I’ve seen loads of posts of people looking for someone to pick up their shopping or people offering to do shopping or pick up medicine for people. It’s really nice to see everyone coming together in these times of need. “I’ve found as the lockdown has progressed my motivation to get things done has really diminished. I’m really hoping it comes back soon! I’ve realised just how much I enjoy going out and talking to people – even if it’s just saying “Hi!” to someone on the bus. I’ve also realised how much I enjoy eating out…. I’m sure everyone can agree with me on that!”