The Business Exchange Swindon & Wiltshire Edition 21: Oct/Nov 2015 - Page 25

IS IT ME? IS IT ME? John Davies is a senior corporate partner at leading commercial law firm Thrings. In each edition of TBE John addresses a topical news or business-related issue and gives his thoughts in a frank and comical way. This edition discusses - The Rugby World Cup 2015. So, the Rugby World Cup 2015 has finally come to England’s green and pleasant land and it’s a funny old time isn’t it? It’s one of those periods in life when it’s fair game to go ‘tribal’, feel your roots, care about your history and heritage and bring on the banter. It’s the 6 Nations rivalry on steroids. “It’s the 6 Nations rivalry on steroids” Thrings @ThringsLaw As a Welshman working in England I can assure you it can be an absolute treat. I can honestly say I’ve never been happier than when England picked up the Webb Ellis Trophy in 2003. It was a ‘glorious’ and ‘splendid’ time and I was delighted to hear about the victory over and over and over again... in fact I’m still hearing about it. Thanks for sharing. I don’t know about you but it’s also one of those times in life when I feel even more Welsh than usual. National pride comes to the fore and deep-seated instincts kick in. We in the British Isles haven’t had it so much with the football because the Scots, the Welsh and both Irish teams have struggled to qualify for the big tournaments, so the RWC is our chance to let it all out. And boy is it let out! “It’s one of those times in life when I feel more Welsh than normal” lost to Western Samoa. On this occasion my office had been decorated with maps showing me where Western Samoa was... and pointing out that Wales were lucky not to have been playing the whole of Samoa. And do you know what? I loved it. And I still love it. It’s all good fun. No one gets hurt. And the laughs and camaraderie will continue throughout the tournament (until Wales are crowned champions). So enjoy it. Bring on the funnies and in that vein can I make a start? What do you call an Englishman holding a bottle of Champagne after playing Wales in the RWC? The waiter. During one World Cup Wales lost a match and I came into work on the Monday to find that my office had been papered from floor to ceiling with various pictures of sheep to cheer me up. At the 1991 tournament, Wales John Davies e: t: 01793 412634 Interprint have been established for over 25 years, providing Litho, Digital and Large Format print solutions to companies all over the UK. Excellent service, quality and turn-around times are the reason our clients choose us. We aim to go above and beyond to give the best services at competitive prices. Call us for a quote today! We can even provide you with a free sample. t: 01793 613020 Advert 210x122_revision.indd 1 w: e: THE BUSINESS EXCHANGE 201510:49 25 21/09/2015