The Business Exchange Swindon & Wiltshire Edition 21: Oct/Nov 2015 - Page 17

How will this event help your business? CIS understands how critical IT systems are to businesses in today’s market. Basic systems like email and internet access are expected to work without interruption, and often the resiliency and reliability of servers and workstations can be overlooked or underestimated. Is this event right for you? What’s involved? • Find out what Private Cloud is and how it works. • Learn why it’s important to store your data in the UK. • Discover how remote working increases efficiency. • Workshop styled event, chance to Your business relies on IT every day. It’s now becoming increasingly difficult not to use the Cloud as part of your IT strategy. Your IT helps make your business a success and we believe the Cloud can help you achieve your goals more efficiently, helping your business to grow whilst being more cost-effective and ultra-secure. ask your own questions. What will your business gain from this event? • Increase the efficiency of your business. • Manage the cost of your IT more effectively. • Protect your IT estate from damage, downtime and theft. Contact CIS to book your space on: 01367 Why CIS? 2015 is turning into another busy and successful year for Computing Information Systems Ltd (CIS), which is seeing strong business growth and the establishment of an expanded management team. Headquartered in Faringdon, CIS is working with businesses across the UK and the South West. CIS has increased its team to 21 with further plans underway to increase to 35 during 2016, and in excess of 50 staff by the end of 2017. Bunker Tours are being hosted on: • 26 November 2105 • 28 January 2016 • 31 March 2016 • 26 May