The Business Exchange Swindon & Wiltshire Edition 21: Oct/Nov 2015 - Page 11

PERSONAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT VISTAGE PEER ADVISORY GROUP-SOUTH WEST Nicola McHale, Vistage Chair discusses how you can ensure you improve your business results. Cultivate and develop long-term professional relationships The greatest mistake leaders make is to isolate themselves and think they are fine as they are. It is vital to cultivate and develop deep, long term professional relationships across a wide range of businesses. By doing this you can stay ahead of what’s happening, gain trade knowledge and experience and develop new thinking and share industry insights. Know and understand your numbers- it gives you security The second mistake is to not keep a close eye on your numbers! Don’t rely on your FD. If you are the leader of your business then you need to know them. What are the critical figures that you need to know on a weekly/ monthly basis? What are your key performance indicators? These are just a few hints and tips to help you change your business. It starts with you and it is up to you if your business succeeds or fails. Who can you turn to and trust who has a vested interest in your success? Who challenges you, your ideas and behaviours? Who do you get candid feedback and feed forward from? I will be discussing more at my Business Leaders Seminar on October 9 at Swindon Football Club. Places are limited to MDs, CEOs and owners of businesses with a turnover in excess of £3m. If that’s you and you want to learn more then contact me now as there are only a few places left. Create a shared vision If you have no clarity of vision and purpose then don’t expect your people to. It is up to you to lead and inspire a vision that everyone is connected to and understands how their role fits into it. Everything you say and do should be aligned to your vision, values and purpose. Mobile - 07887 616606 Nicola McHale Vistage Chair Four Seasons, CDS style… We don’t sing or dance particularly well but when it comes to providing specialist HR solutions across the board, we are centre stage. By developing four centres of excellence based on seasons of the year, we have been able to offer our locally based Wiltshire customers, together with our national & global customers, a holistic approach to their organisational change and people needs. For example, here we are in Autumn, the time of year that most organisations are finalising plans for 2016. In our experience, as the Autumn landscape undergoes its transition signaling colder times ahead, many organisations are considering how to change their own landscapes with minimal business and employee distress. Change in an organisation can b