The Business Exchange Bath & Somerset Issue 12: Summer 2019 | Page 28

ADVERTORIAL Flipping recruitment on its head to source the very best talent ARE YOU LOOKING FOR EXCEPTIONAL PROFESSIONALS TO JOIN YOUR BUSINESS? WOULD YOU LIKE TO IMPROVE STAFF RETENTION? DO YOU NEED TO HIRE TO A FIXED BUDGET? DO YOU HAVE DIVERSITY TARGETS TO MEET? If so, Resource Harbour is here to help. Resource Harbour is a recruitment agency with a difference, helping businesses open up their roles to incredible talent that would otherwise remain hidden, diversifying teams and improving staff retention in the process. We believe that by offering true flexibility businesses can attract a diverse workforce, and keep them on board while delivering better results. The Facts Our Credentials The Solution The Benefits The statistics speak for themselves. Over half of employees now rate flexibility above any other benefit. A survey by a leading provider of workforce time management solutions, found 86% of organisations reported an increase in requests for flexible working during their recruitment process in the year 2016-17, with 70% saying it directly influenced whether a candidate accepted their role. Increasingly, well-qualified professionals expect flexible working options as standard. Flexible working is so much more than part time, options include job share, compressed working hours, flexitime, phased retirement, remote working, zero commuting, with no limitation to the types of contractual arrangements to which flexible working can apply from permanent to contract roles. Adapting an organisation’s tools, policies and processes to flexible working can seem a challenge. This is why Resource Harbour provides recruitment and consultancy services as a complete people solution. Resource Harbour provides consultancy and recruitment to help adapt or extend your agile workforce. Come find us at or email us on [email protected] to find out more. 28 THE BUSINESS EXCHANGE 2019 Resource Harbour’s three founders Sarah, Zina and Katie are specialists in their own fields of expertise; from marketing and HR, IT and digital transformation, to finance, tax and accountancy. Each has worked in and run their own businesses for many years and worked for large corporates. They truly understand that a company gains competitive edge because of its people. An organisation, which attracts, acquires, engages, retains and retrains its employees, will come out ahead of the competition. They also know first hand that there is a wealth of talent out there, talent that traditional working practices and recruitment agencies can overlook. A staggering 15.4 million working days are lost each year through work-related stress, depression or anxiety. Flexibility can help retain valued staff and it can also reduce staff absenteeism, allowing staff to work from home or flex their hours to avoid costly time off. Our own research shows that above all, managers of job share partnerships value the ready made sounding board and increased expertise that two heads inevitably brings.