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In Brief

Protestant Progress

The Privy council have appointed the Duke of Northumberland, to lead church reforms following the removal of the “act of uniformity “ Experts say that this will herald the end of Catholicism in England. The King has expressed his wishes that the Church of England become more radical. Any hint of Catholicism remaiing was to be removed..


In return for Henry II of France withdrawing his support for Scotland in their struggle to restore a Catholic to the throne, Our King Edward signed the treaty of Boulogne giving the city to France. England is no longer in Europe. Hostages were exchanged. Question marks still hang over Queen Mary’s claim to the English throne .

New Medical School for London

St Thomas' Hospital has a new facelift since 1106 it has offered hospitality to the faithful visiting St Mary Overie Priory, but the privy council have given a royal charter for it to become a Medical School


England Closes the Door

London 1550

Following on from Dutch traders struggles to gain a foothold in the Baltic, English merchants have been campaigning to remove the Hanseatic league’s privileges in London. The refusal of the Hansa to offer reciprocal arrangements to their English counterparts exacerbated the tension. Although King Edward IV reconfirmed the league's privileges in the Treaty of Utrecht (1474) , in exchange for significant financial contribution the League made to the Yorkist side during The Wars of the Roses, Tensions and disputes by English traders were never addressed . The concerns of the merchants came to a head yesterday when a Royal decree expelled the League from London and the Hanseatic Steelyards are to close next year. In a separate development Ivan III of Russia closed the Hanseatic Kontor at Novgorod in 1494. The very existence of the League and its privileges and monopolies created economic and social tensions that often crept over into rivalry between League members.

Georg Giese from Danzig, 34-year-old German Hanseatic merchant at the Steelyard,

John Dudley, Made 1st Duke of


John Dudley, currently leading the kings government was taday unveiled as the First Duke of Northumberland. Dudley served as Lord Admiral from 1537 until 1547 and was an innovative commander at sea. Dudley took part in the 1544 campaigns in Scotland and France. He is also a leader of the religious reform party at court.

Three years ago Dudley was created Earl of Warwick and Lord Protector. He has distinguished himself in the Scottish wars and put down Kett's Rebellion in Norfolk averting a catholic reaction. Dudley the de facto regent for the 12-year-old Edward VI

New Silver sixpence Minted

35 New grammer schools

the king announced 35 new

grammer schools today



New Silver si