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Jews expelled from Genoa

Following the death of Pope Paul III, Genovese Jews have been driven from the city. Joseph Hakohen, physician to the doge Andrea Doria and eminent historian both refugees from Portugal have been allowed by Duke Ercole to enter his dominions and to profess Judaism freely and openly.

Michealngel ...Again

Michelangelo the celebrated Tuscan genius has completed the frescoes of the Cappella Paolina, "the Conversion of Paul" and "The Crucifixion of St. Peter."

Fine Arts in Firenze

Giorgio Vasari, Italian architect and painter, published his definitive "Lives of the Artists," and founded the Fine Arts Academy in Florence. A court reporter has said Cosimo I de' Medici, was the second Duke of Florence has long been a patron of the arts and in gratitude at becoming the first Grand Duke of Tuscany wanted to make Tuscany shine across the world as an artistic centre.

Prodigal Returns

Pope Eugenius IV brought some of the Middle-Eastern Christians back into the Western Christian fold when he established the Chaldean rite of the Catholic Church


Henry II peace with Suleiman the Magnificent has seen the French make moves against the Habsburgs in the Mediterranean. Henry’s court accused the Genoese Admiral Andrea Doria, of an act of aggression against French interest by his This was triggered by the conquest of Tunisia. Military experts in Napoli pored scorn on these allegations saying the alliance left French ports protected by Suleiman leaving Henry II free to undermine Charles of the Netherlands hold on Italy

The 1551 Ottoman Siege of Tripoli is feared to be the first step of the all-out Italian War. in the Mediterranean the French galleys of Marseille were ordered to join the Ottoman fleet when Henry II attacked Charles V, the Ottomans sent 100 galleys to the Western Mediterranean, to accompany French galleys in their raids along the coast of Calabria. the invaders clashed with Andrea Doria, a vanquished the Genovese

This alliance would also lead to the combined Invasion of Corsica and the capture of Balearics,

Andrea Doria

New Pope , Julius III named as Pontiff

Paul III died on 10 November 1549, and in the ensuing conclave the forty-eight cardinals were divided into three factions: of the primary factions, the Imperial faction wished to see the Council of Trent reconvened, the French faction wished to see it dropped. The Farnese faction, loyal to the family of the previous Pope, supported the election of Paul III's grandson, Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, and also the family's claim to the Duchy of Parma, which was contested by Emperor Charles V.

Neither the French nor the Germans favoured del Monte, and the Emperor had expressly excluded him from the list of acceptable candidates, but the French were able to block the other two factions, allowing del Monte to promote himself as a compromise candidate and be elected on 7 February 1550.[3] Ottavio Farnese, whose support had been crucial to the election, was immediately confirmed as Duke of Parma.