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Edict of Blood Issued

Habsburg Heats Heretics Hell

like their Spanish counterparts, are empowered by the edict of blood to actively search out and rigorously punish all those guilty or even suspected of heresy, or of aiding a heretic in any way. A spokesman said we will not stand by and watch creeping Calvinism turn these lands protestant.

the Netherlands is mainly Catholic and thus the Inquisition is not expected to have a very drastic impact on people's lives in general. However the greatest of the Inquisitors Peter Titelmann, a man described by his friends as as being of a demon-like Goblin temperament, knowing neither fear nor mercy has angered the new Inquisition was an extraordinarily efficient system; the highest court in the land, it bypassed all common forms of justice, was without the option of appeal, and spared nether rich nor poor. It had the unlimited ability from the king to arrest, torture and execute at will. hundreds of luckless individuals being dragged from their families and subjected to the most gruesome tortures, before being burnt alive at the stake, were they of the male or buried alive in the case of women

As time passed, the people of the Netherlands became more and more antipathetic towards the institution, but it was little in their power to resist it – all who did so were instantly denounced as heretics themselves. Titelmann himself averred that his person was comparatively safe, as he had to do only with “the innocent and virtuous, who make no resistance, and let themselves be taken like lambs

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