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Happy Birthday Poland and Savior by his wife Dobrava of Czechia or was it a political decision? Tidings of comfort and joy from Polonia Chistiana Christianisation was a long and arduous process and most of Poles remained pagan. Christianity in Poland took many years to finish. It wasn’t easy for peasants to adopt the new religion. Svetovid was among the most worshi ped gods in Poland. People prefer to ask a fortune teller or a rowan tree for advice instead of follow the Bible. A commonly known song says: “Tell me red rowan, whom should I give my heart? Red rowan, give me an advice”. chronicler Mielcan, Kusek Małgorzata On 14th April 1066 Poland celebrated it’s 100th birthday marked by the Baptism of the Duke Mieszko the First and his team. That day Poland joined the rank of established European states recognized by papacy and the Holy Roman Empire. Mieszko the First, ruler of the Polish state took the decision to accept the Christianity. Was it a conscious choice or forced adoption? Was Mieszko the First influenced to recognize Jesus Christ as his Lord Will Poland exist in one thousand year time? Recently, I visited a diviner.The person told me that in 950 years from now a pope from Rome will arrive to Poland to celebrate a thousand and fiftieth anniversary of the Baptism of Poland for the 15th World Youth Day, an international meeting of young Christians which will take place in Cracovia. Poland, the diviner added, Poland won’t be a kingdom anymore! What will it be?!I hope Poland will exist as long as we are alive and true to our identity. By the way, visiting diviners is definitely waste of silver ore and time. In God we trust! God rest us merry Poles, let nothing us dismay