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Splatter of Hastings Gwen Compton Age 12. October 14 th 1066 The Battle of Hastings is on! William of Normandy and King Harold Godwinson are at battle for one precious thing… the throne of England. The roots of this conflict have not been confirmed however observers have speculated that William found it a threat when Harold crowned himself king, which had been promised to William by King Edward. Godwinson – I hope you lose!” It seems like a neverending fight between Harold and William. William certainly appears to have the advantage with seven-thousand and fivehundred men trained and equipped with armour, arrows and slingshots alongside a cavalry of horses. Whereas Harold’s army only carries five- hundred properly trained men and fourthousand five hundred volunteers. Public opinion is mixed with the crowds jeering: “Shame on William”, “I hope King Harold wins” and “This is all your fault Harold One thing which unites public opinion is awareness that if William of Normandy wins this battle their worlds could change forever. A teenage boy observed: “Having a French king on the English throne will seem weird”, he worryingly questioned: “What kind of food will he make us eat?” A question many of us are watching the Battle of Hastings for, hoping to have it answered.