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Statehood Shocker


Squeezed between the Ottoman empire, the Holy Roman Empire and hidden away from the worst ravages of the Ottoman-Norman wars, something strange is happening in those lands between the Adriatic, Christendom and the Turks. Here the majority of the peole are farmers, illiterate and poor, living in villages or isolated farms . Slovenian farmers and serfs work hard and believe that life will be better after death . They live in small, modest 'Leena' houses, usually containing a single room with a fireplace and beds.

Here the nobles, live a life of plenty, while the farm families are often hungry. handicrafts are developing : shoemaking, tailoring, bakery and pottery. The Church plays an important role. It owns vast amounts of land, and plays an important role in the education of children.

Here in this land of princes and paupers one can feel a growing sense of a country being born, while Europe is looking the other way the rich and poor in this corner of Europe are acquiring a country.

Petja Škvarča, 9.B


Currently Slovenia is part of Holy Roman Empire but landowners are creating new lands Goriška, Koroška, Štajerska, Kranjska, Triest and Istria to mention but a few .

Larisa Šabec, 9.B