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News from the Low Countrues

Floris the First is dead?

The beloved count Floris the First of Holland is killed in battle.

While our count was at battle against the men of Utrecht, those horrible men of Utrecht, he was murdered together with hundreds of our husbands, brothers and sons. And the biggest evil is that they were killed while they were resting. He was born in 1025 and assassinated in 1061 AD. He leaves behind his dear wife Geertruida and his children Adelheid, Dirk and Bertha. May they rest in peace.

Geert de Boer Executed

Reactie Jennifer Horman

Geert a 25 year old young farmer, working on his master’s land was a normal serf, and although he had no rights nor wealth nor life expectancy beyond 30 years, he gave a part of his harvest to the landlord, Sjors in exchange for protection from the landlord.

He only had a cow named Berta and a small piece of land north of Sjors’ mansion. Geert’s whole family were slaughtered by barbaric scoundrels recently. After the butchering, Geert went to his master and pleaded for work in exchange for protection.

Geert and Berta were lifting stones for the expansion of Sjors’ mansion and were just walking over the moat across the bridge, Berta collapsed the bridge with her weight. Panicking other beasts destroying Sjors chattel.

Sjors in a statement to the Duke said because Geerts has no means of paying for it, he should be executed the next day at the gallows.


Worried about dying of the plague

Battle for Budziszyn

Jakub Moskalewicz Polish Correspondent

Henry 2nd , the Holy Roman Emperor attacked Poland . His occupiers stormed Zgorzelec and planned to raze Budziszyn with plans to annexe the lands of Duke Boleslav the Brave in the spring.

Henry besieged the town and the inhabitants are becoming desperate

With no food or weapons remaining. Reports say women and children are foraging outside the city fir materials at night

Eyewitnesses have said 30 Teutonic warriors were ambushed by Polish defenders and Polish children and women were among the casualties. It seems likely that a number of Germans were killed in the exchanges and Polish heroes have captured many weapons and much needed supplies

Let is ease youe fears. For only 5 crowns we will pray for you. For one crown more we will whip you with our blessed cat of nine tails..

Contact the Benedictines at a monastry near you. Dont be damned, let us take the deth out of black death

Georgia Saved Heathens Crushed


Mariam Omanadze

Anano Kakabadze

Earlier today King David secured the Caucasia from Seljuk Invaders. The Seljuks where defeated with help of Norman crusaders. A spokesman for the Normans said, the Duke of Normandy permitted his miltary advisors to go to the region to secure christianity was safe in the region.