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The Games Children Play

Petja Škvarča, 9.B

Children spend most of their free time in nature. Playing chase, hide-and-seek, and make grinders near water. Boys make whistles from willow leaves, and marbles are popular. Girls play with rag dolls.

The toys of country children arre linked with their own imagination and creativity, whereas city children play with bought toys.

The oldest children play with the flying dragon. It was made from cloth, not from paper. Children chase rings along the coast, down backyards and roads or play with marbles or Boules.

They play with leather balls filled with wool. Little girls also have baby dolls while older girls had dolls with movable arms or legs. A well-known game which was still known a century ago was 'blind mice'. A child is blind-folded with a scarf, so that he/she can not see and that child was the 'blind mouse'. Then all the other children dance around the blind mouse and suddenly flee . The blind mouse tries to find the other children. . The aim of the game was for the blind mouse to catch someone. When he/she did, the game is over. The game could be made more difficult by having the blind mouse identify the person caught.