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delicious Sunday roast dinners. I’d love to be back home. First I must make my family, country and William proud. Importantly, if William does not think I’ve worked hard I will not be paid, if I am not paid we will starve. Oh no… it’s time. I must fight. Ellie McCarroll Dear Editor Today we besieged the city of Mahruba, near Aleppo we routed the Turks, who had set out to devastate the surrounding country, and we rescued many Christians. Moreover, we led back the horses and camels with very great booty. While we were besieging the city, the Turks from the nearest redoubt daily killed those entering and leaving the army. The princes of our army seeing this, killed 400 of the Turks who were lying in wait, drove others into a certain river and led back some as captives. You may be assured that we are now besieging Antioch with all diligence, and hope soon to capture it. The city is supplied to an incredible extent with grain, wine, oil and all kinds of food. Please pray for us. Guy d’Orly Dear Editor I am writing from Campania and here the Normans have been forbidding Greek customs in church. Our cousins from Eastern Christendom are now closing the Latin churches in Constantinople. The bishop Leo of Ochrid has been attacking the Latin use of unleavened bread and other practices. In response to this provocative treatise, Pope Leo has sent his chief adviser, Humbert, but in my opinion he is a tactless and narrow-minded man with a strong sense of papal authority to Constantinople. If the Normans and the Patriarch cannot be persuaded to reach an agreement soon, the whole of Christendom will split in two. Anna Rosa Soave Dear Editor Lets hope the arrival of William will start making the thanes look after us Churls a little better. We have been farming the and near Ely for 6 generations, growing wheat, barley and rye as well as peas, cabbages, parsnips, carrots and celery. Recently raisers from Suffolk have been stealing our herds of goats, cattle and pigs and flocks of sheep. But not a peep from the thanes. I don’t they care as long as we pay the tithe/At the moment we cant grow enough food to keep many of their animals through the winter so as winter approached most of them had to be slaughtered and the meat salted. Courtney Lippeat Dear Editor I am raging! Yet again my lands have been ravaged by thralls, poaching my coneys and deer. When they are caught they come crying that there is not enough food to eat, hanging is too good for them I say. Why only last week I personally hung four such miscreants for poaching coneys. If the Earls don’t do something very soon we will descend to anarchy.