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Letters To the Editor …I rememb er the stories by my mother, that my dad was a good man. The story I like to rememb er most is the one in which he saved the king’s life and then the existence of the whole family got much better. It was the first day when we were working in the field, cultivating wheat. The area was dangerous. In a distance one could see the king riding a horse. My dad saw that something was wrong. He ran up to the king and calmed the horse. In this way they didn’t fall into the river, and what was more important, nothing happened to the king. My dad was given a new piece of land and got new plants to grow. He helped us in this way to earn a better life. Aleksandra Bednarz Dear Editor I am a warrior and the king sustains me. He provides me with weapon and takes care of me. Instead I obey him and we fight together in battles. During such a battle we fight with weapon and tools: spear, sword, chain and battle axe. During such struggles we experience our ups and downs, but generally we manage to win. When we return after the victory we all celebrate together with the king. During the trip he saw a rich man travelling alone. Suddenly a beautiful chariot with seven horses appeared in front of him and he saw a giant deer. The horses were frightened, they began to run and shot down a coachman. My father did not wait a moment. He left his commodity and ran toward the easy-going rich man. He pushed him away and saved his life. The rich man was our king. He was impressed with what my father did. He gave my dad a beautiful country house. My mother, who had been sick since last winter, was very pleased because she didn’t have to work so hard anymore. My parents can rest now. Me and my siblings started education from private teachers. Małgorzata Dul Lestek Memories of my father from a peasant family. Contemporary peasant life is tough. I know something about this, because I come from a peasant family. Early in the morning, before the rooster crows, you have your own duties to be done. My father is a brave man. Selling food in the city, Dear Editor, Today was manic. There were heads flying all over - without the rest of the body! There were sounds of men dying all around me, it was so loud my head was screaming with their voices. I didn’t want to go to war but my family needs some money. In these dark, deadly times I need to think of my daughter, beautiful Matilda, and her bright blue eyes that sparkle in the sunlight. I need to think of my wife, reliable Alice, and her