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Here at Ljubljana fashion week, the sleekest Slovenian is wearing home made garments of wool, flax and animal skin.

Gals and Guys

For Her Woman long skirts, gray or black in colour stretched over the knees. An ensmble topped off with shirts which protecting the neck and arms and for the woman in winter ! long scarves of from flax or wool. The best dressed bondsmen in the balkans should wear dark coloured shirts and trousers and jackets for special occasions. On Sundays dont forget clean nails and ears and combed hair

Hair Stle File

Hair Style File

Long hair, usually to their knees or longer is the latest look and for the working woman why not have it braided and pinned. And for the devout married woman, don't forget your veil. Its 1066 and female hair is still a little too erotic for public viewing and should only be seen by their husbands.

Hair Stle File number 2

For him the ’pageboy’ hairstyle is a big wow in Pivka, hair curved over the ears and round the back of the neck.

Skin Xare

To keep your hair beautiful, use olive oil, honey and alum and add mercury. For a whiter smile and a touch of luxury use barley flour and heated salt, mixed with honey

. The main make-up was the whitening of the skin, which was easy to prepare. Clean wheat are left in water for 50 days and then crushed and mixed with water.

Temple rings are the most characteristic part of Slavic medieval dress. They are so called because they were worn on the headband, near the temples of a woman or a girl. Most were made of base metals such as copper alloys or iron, though silver and even gold were occasionally used