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Polish Weekly A.D.1650 Burgher’s MENU Drinks: -Grape Of berries -Beer -Hungarian wine -Honey Soups: -Split pea soup -Cauliflower soup -Cabbage soup -Fish soup -Barley soup - Leek Soup -Potato soup -Milk soup Main dish: -Barley + Fish -Peas + Cabbage -Salted meat with a slice of bread -Potatoes with pork scratchings of bacon - Soup from fermented rye flour In bread - Polish dish of sauerkraut, sausage and mushrooms On a leaf of cabbage -Meat In lard -Fish with buckwheat and cabbage salad -Blood sausage Royal feast at Wierzynek, by Bronisław Abramowicz All the rage !!! Who influences the fashion in Poland? The king, magnates, students and soldiers. The court, as always and everywhere, is a pattern for exquisite customs and costumes. On the haircut, however, decide the most common soldiers, especially if they became widely known in their craft. The Guard of the Crown Samuel Łaszcz, came up with the concept of a hair trim and high guiff or mohawk and immediately found imitators throughout the country. We are very curious if this fashion will settle with us for a long time and will ever come back to us?! Monika Dąbrowska and Maria Załucka, II Ta Appetizers: -bread with lard and onion -black pudding -gingerbread