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Polish Weekly A.D.1650 Meals in the seventeenth century The menu of a peasant and burgher did not differ significantly from the menu of a nobleman in which there were quite a lot of luxury items. Their acquisition was associated with high financial costs. In addition, a nobleman ate a lot of meat dishes (from hunting) often with a lot of wine. The menu nobleman was richer and more varied. The peasant’s menu -rye bread -honey -eggs -milk -beer -groats -potatoes -peas -cabbage -fish The burgher’s menu -rye bread -groats -cabbage -pea -cauliflower -leek -salty meat -fish -beer -honey - Hungarian wine -gingerbread The nobleman’s menu -fruits; lemons, oranges, raisins -game -roast duck -roast chicken -other baked animals -gingerbread -fish -beer -fault -honey -vegetables (Italian)