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Polish Weekly A.D.1650 Architecture in Krakow The day began like any other. From the morning I’ve been helping dad with trade cloth. I live in Krakow and I am the son of a wealthy merchant, which has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is traveling with my father to Italy. I really like traveling with him, because in addition to cloth I can admire exceptionally beautiful architecture. Many decorated elements of Italian architecture add magic to our trip. I even managed to make a close acquaintance with one Italian from Florence. I met him quite by accident and immediately both realized that we have the same passion for architecture. The stranger turned out to be a great art lover. It was he who infected me with love for unique Italian architecture. You also can not complain about our Polish beautiful buildings. Spending hours at the Cloth Hall, not once I stared at the equally beautiful but more classic architecture of the Cloth Hall. Thanks to the accidental friendship with the Italian, I was able to get to a master of the art of building. I introduced him to my father, who always dreamed of perfectly decorated buildings in Krakow, and now we have the opportunity to get the master of this art to Poland. Despite my young age, I have met many outstanding people. It would be nice to have even a small piece of Florence in Krakow, and now it is really possible! Fabian Pietryka, III Ta Church of St. Peter and Paul