The Bridge - Page 16

Polish Weekly A.D.1650 Advertisement! We are inviting people who suffer from different illnesses and those who want to feel better into a beautiful health resort in Iwonicz. Lately it has been discovered that local water has healthy properties! The king Jan III Sobieski asked two doctors: Braun and Conradi to explore this. Healthy water is accessible for all people. Health resort and spa complex have been built. You can improve your health in no time and very cheap. We are treating here: osteoporosis, stoutness, female illnesses, neurosis, digestive system illnesses and many others. Doctors prefer to spend time in the open air as walking is one of the therapies. We are inviting you to use all advantages that this health resort has Kamila Żarów, II Tb Slovakia, 30th April 1650 Advertisement Wandering miracle workers who come from Slovakia are offering many healing services, fantastic treatments and cures, salves, herbs to all illnesses. Coming to the patient possible. Please register at “Bear Inn” every Saturday evening.. Miracle worker Mieszko from Brzeźnica Magdalena Głaz, III Ta