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Polish Weekly A.D.1650 Swedish „Deluge” The first day of summer, the second half of the seventeenth century. Day, as usual, extremely beautiful. Beautiful flowers are growing on the Polish land, in the distance you can hear the birds singing breathtaking. Polish and Lithuanian soldiers are standing now in the field and waiting for the common aggressor, which is Sweden. The state wants to control the coast of the Baltic Sea, including Livonia. Sweden dares to invade our territory from two sides: from the direction of Pomerania and Great Poland and Livonia towards Lithuania. The defense of the Jasna Gora monastery in Czestochowa from November to December 1655 which was the highlight of the dominance of the Swedes in our area, (the socalled "Swedish deluge") is of great importance. The enemy is destroying Poland. Numerous works of art are being stolen. Guerrilla war against the Swedes continues. The country is in chaos and anxiety. However, the situation with the passage of time changes. Let's hope that what is happening now, the destruction of our country, will end soon. Poland will return to its former glory and power of the Republic, with the help of God and Mary, God’s Mother! Anna Gawryś and Krzysztof Łącz, III Ta Defense of Czestochowa by January Suchodolski