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And the prince chuckled when he heard it

Upon hearing this, the queen felt like someone caught in a thorn-bush, but she quickly thought a way to disentagle herself and came up with the following plan. She arranged to marry her son to a certain princess and brought her to the palace.

The prince chuckled at hearing this, but inside him a little love wound had open and would never heal. Now let’s turn to the old woman, who came back home and found her little quilt missing. She huttered such a hole and tore her hair so much that the prince had one of his own quilt sent over to appease her. But then, as the days passed, the prince found that he couldn’t take his mind off Povera Bidda and thought the ways how he might keep teasing her and recing the same taunt

the queen, was fully aware of what was happening to her son. So. Deep in his heart the flame of his love for her was burning more brightly every day. The prince’s mother she madre the shewrd decision to ease his soul by having him marry

When she suggested this, he answerd that he would marry only when she brought him a young woman who was the exact image of Povera Bedda

Then she summoned the old grandmother and told her that she wanted Povera Bedda to come and be her son’s bride, in place of the intended spouse, since he insisted he would only marry a girl who was the exact image of Povera Bedda. When the old woman told this to her grandaughter the girl didn’t need any persuading! The following evening Povera Bidda, all dressed up as you can imagine, presented herself to the prince.

At the site of her he was at a loss for words, and he married her on the spot. But Povera Bidda did not get dare into the marriage bed. The queen you see had ordered her to hide under neath the bed, so that the bride that she had selected for her son could lie in the bed.

The prince of course did not understand what was happening. In the wink of an eye Povera Bedda vanished ander the bed an – zoom – in a between the bed sheet slipped the princess. When the prince realized what have been done to him, he became enraged. “ I’ve been tricked! I’ve been betrayed! He kept shouting until all the palace servants came running.

Now the queen had to admit had completly backfired and she had no choise to give her blessing to the marriage. And that’s the way Povera Bidda got the king’s son as very own.


The king’s of Spain two daughters

Gentlemen, let me tell you a tale that’s been told time and again about a king of Spain, who had two daughters. One of them had been carried off by the fairies, and the other was still with him in the palace.

The daughter who was still with him had a doll, which resembled the princess down to the last hair. This is why she liked to dress the doll in her own clothing and place this pretty creature in her big window that looked out in the city garden.

Well one day the son of king of Portugal happened to go into the garden, and when he saw this dazzling beauty he became totally enthralled. But then he looked more closely and noticed she had a tiny crack in her forehead, and that she was really just a doll.

So what did he do? He went and he got a ladder set it against the wall, climbed up to the window, and took the doll home to his own place. He locked himself in his room, lit some candles, and was constantly on his knees revering this doll night and day. As for food he simply had the servant slip in through a crack in the door.