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The Story of the Cauld Lad of Hylton

SA Brownie is a kind of elf who helps with household tasks, if yu have seen Dobbie the house elf in the Harrry potter films , you know what a Brownie is




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"But mark my words well," said the wise woman. "If you slay the beast, you must then put to death the first thing that crosses your path as you pass the threshold of Lambton Hall. Otherwise, for the next nine generations, no Lambton will die peacefully in his bed."

John swore on oath to follow the advice. The blacksmith forged him a suit of armour embedded with spikes. Then he went to the church to pray.

The next day, he waded into the river near the rock, blew his horn and awaited the dragon. It seemed to recognize him instantly. In its fury it lashed its tail, sending waves of water over him. Lambton swung his sword, slashing and cutting the dragon. But this time, when a piece was hacked off, it was swept away by the river before it could re-attach. And when the dragon coiled itself around Lambton, to crush him to death, the razor edged spikes cut it to pieces.

The more it tried to crush him, the worse it was sliced. Desperately, it tried to get back to the riverbank, but Lambton kept hacking away until it closed its fiery eyes. It was dispatched with one heavy sword blow to its head and was swept down the river, turned crimson with blood.

Exhausted, Lambton crawled from the water and blew three blasts on his horn. This was the signal for his father to release his favourite hound, to complete his vow.

Unfortunately, his joyful father forgot and rushed out to greet John as he passed over the threshold. Dismayed John blew another blast on his horn and the hound was released, which John killed with one sweeping blow from his sword.

But it was too late, for the vow was broken. What the witch foretold, came to pass. For nine generations following the death of the dragon, no Lord of Lambton died peacefully in his bed.