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Lori and I have been blessed beyond measure with kids that have grown to love God and become great Disciples of Christ. Each one is unique and has brought their own challenges to us as parents. Sometimes Lori got along better and other times I have and guess what it still is the same to this day - they just keep changing. I guess we do to.

Blake is now 21 - A senior at Clemson studying Secondary Math. He is a team leader for Young Life at a high school in Anderson. Summer camp counselor mentoring young kids.

Hope is now 20 - A sophmore at Winthrop studying Nutrition. She helps with our church youth group and has served as Summersalt Camp Counselor.

Faith is 16 - A sophmore at RHHS. She also is very involved with the youth and serves Adult small groups by offering childcare.

Grant is 14 - 8th grader at DCMS. He is also involved in the youth and has a great servants heart helping out whenever he can.

Our kids did not turn out perfect and there were bumps along the way but we survive! We have had a lot of yelling, fights, life lessons, laughter, memories, and more we can pass on to you in our time together as I am sure you are developing your list as well.

How did we end up with kids who love God and enjoy serving Him and others? How did we end up with kids who have avoided drugs, jail, and failing out of school?

Well I answer those questions I get occasionally by telling them that we have prayed A Lot! We also have tried to lead by example. We have strived to be a Deut. 6 family. We may not have always realized we were doing it but I know that Lori and I striving to have a growing relationship with God we have rubbed off on our kids.

Oh by the way we keep getting a little smarter every year even by their own admission! Funny how we go from being smart - to dumb - to smart all over again.

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Of course the reward in the end is a God honoring life and a healthy family.

We also want to reward students now for their accomplishments. So as they accomplish new skills and become a better follower of God we want them to know that we saw it happening. Together, all of the B45 leadership and you the parents will look for opportunities to let them know we see great things happening. We will occasionally reward students with tangible gifts but also some great opportunitities!