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Social Media

It seems that PT like to Snapchat, Kick, and post on Vine.

Facebook and Twitter are not as popular with this crowd and we still see that there is a mixed response on how many kids actually are allowed to experience Social Media - So guess what? Not everyone is getting to do it - even though according to your child they are the Only One who isn't. If you are going to open those doors then consider a Contract with your student and the passwords are yours to have as well! I always made sure that my kids allowed me to be a follower or a friend! All of these were non-negotiable!

I would avoid Snapchat - it can be the most difficult to monitor so we will avoid it at B45.

communicate with your pt

If you are not trying to communicate with your PreTeen then you need to start. Right now you are probably still in a window where they ask you questions, talk with you, and seek your advice. The time will come soon where this gets more challenging - The Key is to do it more now so they will keep doing it! It might be with Mom over Dad depending on the child but the key is for you to both keep your ears open, listen, and talk with them!

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