The Bridge - Parents of Preteens - Page 2

First Baptist has a long tradition of great ministries and staying on the front edge of new and important ministry changes. This is why we are excited to offer a new opportunity and approach to partnering with PreTeens and their Parents.

The best way to describe it is a Bridge that spans two incredibly important years when kids are facing challenges that you and I faced in High School, that several years ago kids were facing in Middle School and now has been dialed back to 10-12 year olds.

B45 (short and cool for the PT) will help partner with parents to Bridge the gap from our children's ministry - the D.O.C.K. to our youth ministry The Rock!

Who What Where When

The 45 stands for 4th and 5th. Most often we will call our Parent side of this The Bridge

So we officially welcome you and look forward to our time together - IT SHOULD BE FUN