The Books of the Bible Participant's Journal - Page 6

I n t roduc tory Se ssion The Introductory Session introduces your group to The Books of Covenant History. Hold the Introductory Session the week before your first meeting. If you are reading straight through all four volumes, you will only hold one Introductory Session, which will take place before you begin your first volume. If you are spreading out your reading of the four volumes, it is helpful to have an intro- ductory gathering the week before you start each one. Getting to Know You (15–30 minutes) If your group is new to each other, or if you have any new mem- bers in your group for this session, invite each group member to introduce themselves, using any or all of the following prompts: • List three of your roles in life and what you like about them. • What one word describes your past experience of reading the Bible? • What do you hope to get from this journey of reading The Books of Covenant History together? Introduction (15–30 minutes) INTRO DUCE THE COMMUNITY BIBLE EXPERIENCE Explain how the Community Bible Experience works by summarizing the information in the book introduction, starting on page 7 of this study journal. The key points are: • • • • Five tips for Bible reading Weekly reading plan Weekly discussion questions for groups Three tips for weekly gatherings 17