The Books of the Bible Participant's Journal | Page 14

Genesis | 25 Plagues deliver God’s people and demonstrate his character. Israel is a kingdom of priests (Exodus 19:4–6). Torah is given so that God’s people can dwell within his presence. Law is not legislation but wisdom for holiness. Torah is connected to the tabernacle. Relevance of Exodus Unfolds God’s plans and purposes to dwell among his people Learn God’s inclination and capabilities. Wisdom to live in the presence of God What is God doing, and how can I be a part of it? THIS WEEK Read the book of Exodus in The Books of Covenant History. Maintain your momentum by keeping these guidelines in mind: • • • • • Read what you can. Read something every day. Always have your Books of the Bible with you. Every week is a new week. Use this study journal as you do your reading for Week 2: Exodus, recording any thoughts on the Daily Reading Journal page.