The Books of the Bible Participant's Journal | Page 10

WEEK 1 Gen e si s GENESIS The book of Genesis is the first of five chronicles that make up Covenant History. A chronicle is a literary method of conveying historical mate- rial as a series of stories based on a list of people or places. In Genesis, the chronicle is based on a list of people. The stories about the 11 people on the list are introduced by the phrase this is the account of [person X]. The general pattern is that after briefly considering their siblings, Genesis focuses on the individuals in each generation that God is work- ing through to fulfill his promises. What to watch for in Genesis: This book is an ancient record of the origins of humanity and the beginnings of God’s plan to restore order in the world he created. Look for all the instances where Genesis explains how something came to be. PERSONAL BIBLE EXPERIENCE Your personal Bible experience starts with a daily practice of read- ing the Bible. This week before your group meeting, read the book of Genesis. Use the journaling space to capture your thoughts, questions, responses, emotions, and insights as you read the daily selection. Keep in mind the questions you will be talking about with your discussion group: • • • • • What was new or compelling to you? What questions did you have? Was there anything that bothered you? What did you learn about loving God? What did you learn about loving others? 21