The Books of the Bible New Testament for Kids - Page 7

12 Day 1 • Luke-Acts , part 1
will burn up the husks with fire that can ’ t be put out .” John said many oth er things to warn the peo ple . He also an nounced the good news to them .
When all the peo ple were be ing bap tized , Jesus was bap tized too . And as he was pray ing , heav en was opened . The Holy Spir it came to rest on him in the form of a dove . A voice came from heav en . It said , “ You are my Son , and I love you . I am very pleased with you .”

Jesus was about 30 years old when he be gan his spe cial work for God and oth ers . It was thought that he was the son of Jo seph . p

Jesus , full of the Holy Spir it , left the Jor dan Riv er . The Spir it led him into the des ert . There the dev il tempt ed him for 40 days . Jesus ate noth ing dur ing that time . At the end of the 40 days , he was hungry .
The dev il said to him , “ If you are the Son of God , tell this stone to become bread .” Jesus an swered , “ It is writ ten , ‘ Man must not live only on bread .’ ” Then the dev il led Jesus up to a high place . In an in stant , he showed Jesus all the king doms of the world . He said to Jesus , “ I will give you all their au thor i ty and glo ry . It has been giv en to me , and I can give it to any one I want to . If you wor ship me , it will all be yours .”
Jesus an swered , “ It is writ ten , ‘ Wor ship the Lord your God . He is the only one you should serve .’ ”
Then the dev il led Jesus to Je ru sa lem . He had Jesus stand on the high est point of the tem ple . “ If you are the Son of God ,” he said , “ throw your self down from here . It is writ ten ,
“ ‘ The Lord will command his angels to take good care of you . They will lift you up in their hands .
Then you won ’ t trip over a stone .’ ”
Jesus an swered , “ Scrip ture says , ‘ Do not test the Lord your God .’ ” When the dev il fin ished all this tempt ing , he left Jesus un til a better time .
12  Day 1  •  Lu k e-Ac ts, pa rt 1 will burn up the h ­ usks with fire that c ­ an’t be put out.” John said many oth­er ­things to warn the peo­ple. He also an­nounced the good news to them. When all the peo­ple were be­ing bap­tized, ­Jesus was bap­tized too. And as he was pray­ing, heav­en was o ­ pened. The Holy Spir­it came to rest on him in the form of a dove. A ­voice came from heav­en. It said, “You are my Son, and I love you. I am very ­pleased with you.” Jesus was ­about 30 ­years old when he be­gan his spe­cial work for God and oth­ers. It was t ­ hought that he was the son of Jo­seph. p J ­ esus, full of the Holy Spir­it, left the Jor­dan Riv­er. The Spir­it led him into the des­ert. T ­ here the dev­il tempt­ed him for 40 days. J ­ esus ate noth­ing dur­ing that time. At the end of t ̰݅)ջ )Q ͅѼq%ԁɔѡMѕѡ̃ ѽ)Ѽ ɕt))́ ݕɕq%Ё́ɥ ѕa5ЁЁٔ䁽 ɕg't)Qѡ ( ́Ѽ+ % ха)͡ݕ )́ѡ ́ѡ ݽɱ!ͅѼ )̰q$)ݥٔԁЃ ȁ ѡ 䁅 丁%Ё́ Ѽ)$ٔЁѼ $݅ЁѼ%ԁݽ ͡Ёݥ) ̻t))́ ݕɕq%Ё́ɥ ѕa] ͡ѡ1ɐȁ!)ѡ䁽ԃ ͡ձ̃ ٔg't)Qѡ )́Ѽ) ͇ ! )̃ хѡ) Ё+ Ёѡѕ q%ԁɔѡMtͅ+s ѡɽ܁ ͕ݸɽɔ%Ё́ɥ ѕ($'s'aQ1ɐݥ́́ѼхɔԸ($%QݥЁԁѡȁ̸($$QԁݽeЁɥٕȁѽg't )( ́ ݕɕqMɥ ɔ̰ͅaЁѕЁѡ1ɐȁg't)]ѡ ͡ѡ́ѕ Ѓ )́ջ ѥ) ѕȁѥ